IBM, Lotus, Oracle and Sun Announce Plans for Joint Development of Java™-Based Desktop Specification

'Webtop Specification' to Provide 700,000 Java Developers With Common Desktop APIs

NEW YORK, Nov. 3, 1997 -- IBM Corp., Lotus Development Corp., Oracle Corp. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced a cooperative development initiative to bring the first unified network computing desktop environment to the industry. As a result, network computers and personal computers will be able to run consistently any application built to a single set of specifications, to be called the "Webtop Specification."

In an industry first, a team of software developers from each company will create this next-generation network computing desktop standard. Built upon open Internet standards, the new specification is planned to provide developers and hardware manufacturers a consistent environment and APIs to build and deploy applications for Java™-based network computers (NCs), personal computers and other network computing clients. This approach is designed to ensure that customers will be able to select the most appropriate network device for a given application and be presented with a consistent user interface.

Software developers will be able to take advantage of a common set of services and APIs, allowing them to build applications more efficiently, and to a common environment that is expected to be readily adopted by the industry. It will eliminate the need for developers to worry about services common to all applications. Network computer hardware manufacturers will be able to deploy desktop environmentsbuilt using the "Webtop Specification" for use on PCs and NCs with confidence that applications written to open Internet standards such as Java, will work without modification.

Developers and hardware manufacturers will be able to license the "Webtop Specification" and reference implementation from each of the participating vendors. Specification availability will be announced shortly.

"Our customers view network computers as an important element in their e-business initiatives," said Patricia Sueltz, vice president Internet Software at IBM. "By cooperating to create a common Webtop environment for our users and developers, IBM, Lotus and our partners will help accelerate the adoption of this valuable technology."

Lotus President Jeff Papows said, "customers derive tremendous confidence from having their technology providers working in cooperation, and the plans that we're announcing today are the best evidence yet that network computing will serve customers -- first and foremost. As a result of the work that we plan to undertake, developers will be able to address the demand for Java- based solutions with confidence that their products will run consistently across NC and PC platforms. We couldn't be more excited to take this work forward with the commitment of Sun, Oracle and IBM, as well as the support and participation of others, including Netscape Communications Corp."

"This announcement comes as a major industry endorsement for network computing, and the move to open Internet standards," said Karen White,senior vice president, Global Marketing and Strategic Business Development at Oracle Corp. "We expect this convergence of industry leaders around the Webtop to accelerate the availability of business and personal productivity applications based on a common, widely available desktop."

"The desktop API initiative announced today opens up an entirely new desktop paradigm for the industry," said Alan Baratz, president of JavaSoft, a business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "The Webtop has seen such widespread support, and we are excited to be working with the industry to build it together."

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