Sun's Statement on the Hearing

February 27, 1998 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. released the following statement concerning today's hearing in Federal District Court.

The decision by the court to take this matter under submission is not an unexpected development. Clearly the judge wants to give this matter continued careful study. We believe that an injunction is warranted, and we await the judge's decision on this matter.

We also look forward to taking our case to trial, where we will present evidence and testimony that clearly and forcefully makes our case.

It is important to remember that this motion centers around Microsoft's violation of Sun's Java[tm] trademark policies. Microsoft has clearly breached Sun's guidelines for use of the Java Compatible[tm] logo. Any company that does not honor its contractual obligations does not have the right to use the Java Compatible logo.

The Java trademark signifies to consumers -- and to the entire technology industry -- that the products bearing the logo have passed Sun's test suites for the Java technology they incorporate.