Sun Announces Availability of Java Plug-in

Apple Commits to Port Technology to the Macintosh Platform

CHICAGO, IL - April 20, 1998 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today at COMDEX Spring `98 announced that it will ship the Java™ Plug-in software on April 30th. Additionally, Apple Computer, Inc. has committed to create a port for Java Plug-in software for the Macintosh platform. Sun's release of Java Plug-in (formerly code-named "Java activator") software enables enterprise customers to specify Sun's Java runtime environment in leading Web browsers so users can run applets that take full advantage of the latest capabilities and features of the Java platform.

Java Plug-in software gives enterprise developers a solution directly from Sun that provides the consistent, reliable, full featured, Java Compatible runtime technology that they need to deploy applets written in the Java programming language in Internet Explorer 3.02 and Netscape Navigator. Today's release provides support for Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 and Solaris™ desktops. With Apple's commitment to port the technology to the Macintosh platform, Java Plug-in software will soon deliver the latest Java Development Kit functionality to Navigator users on the Macintosh platform.

"Java Plug-in software has received strong support throughout the industry because it gives enterprises the power to immediately deploy full-featured applets that will run reliably and consistently in both Internet Explorer and Navigator," said Jon Kannegaard, vice president of software products for Sun's JavaSoft division. "Apple's commitment to port the Java Plug-in software is great news for enterprise customers supporting multiple platforms because it provides consistent, Java Compatible application support in leading Web browsers on the three major platforms."

"The Java Plug-in will allow Apple's customers to use our Java Virtual Machine, Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ), to run Java applets in Netscape Navigator," said Steve Naroff, director of Java technologies and core tools, Apple Computer Inc. "Our work with Sun on the Java Plug-in is another indication of Apple's commitment to make Mac OS the best platform for authoring and viewing Internet content."

Java Plug-in software provides enterprise developers, software vendors and system integrators with complete support for JDK™ 1.1 software functionality, including the extremely popular JavaBeans™ component model, as well as the Java™ Foundation Classes 1.1 software. The Java Plug-in software is fully compatible with the Java platform specifications, eliminating concerns about runtime compatibility between Web browsers.

Java Plug-in software was designed with a future-ready architecture, which makes it a very effective channel for delivering future functionality added to the Java platform, including the Java™ HotSpot™ virtual machine. Additionally, this release of Java Plug-in software allows enterprise developers to configure it to use the Beta 3 version of the next release of the JDK software (code-named "JDK 1.2"). This gives developers the power to begin creating and testing applets based on the next release of the JDK software in the current shipping releases of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Java Plug-in software is available free of charge for anyone to download and use. Redistribution of the Java Plug-in software is also free, subject to terms of the license, which allows developers to bundle it with their applications.

Additionally, Java Plug-in software will be included in Sun's Java™ Jumpstart enterprise solution, due to ship next month. Java Jumpstart is the essential resource for all enterprise Java application developers. It includes Sun's Java Development Kit, tools, online books and documentation that enterprise developers need to build and deploy 100% Pure Java applets, applications and JavaBeans components.

More information and a free public download of the Java Plug-in software can be found at

Sun Announces Availability for Java Plug-in
April 20, 1998
Quote Addendum

Apple Computer, Inc.

PR contact:
Russell Brady
Apple Computer, Inc.

Borland International, Inc.
"Borland's new JBuilder 2 will provide a high level of integration with Java Plug-in -- simplifying the development of 100% Pure Java applets that can run in any browser on any operating system," said Michael Gardner, Borland's director of Java products development. "JBuilder has become a market-leading Java development tool for building applets and applications for enterprise desktop because of its strong support for Sun's 100% Pure Java standard -- including JDK 1.1.6, JDK 1.2, JFC/Swing, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, CORBA, RMI, and JDBC."

Steve Curry
Borland International, Inc.

Cosmo Software, a Silicon Graphics Company
"Cosmo Software is very excited about the release of the Java Plug-in technology as it will help guarantee Java Compatible Web browsers across enterprise desktops," said Aub Harden, Product Manager for Java Development Environments at Cosmo Software, a Silicon Graphics Company. "To support this effort, Cosmo Software will be bundling the Java Plug-in technology with Cosmo Code, our third-generation Java IDE. Cosmo Code was the first commercially available IDE, and from day one, our users have always been looking for the confidence that their applets will run consistently across Web browsers. Java Plug-in will deliver this to them."

Julia Glenister
Niehaus Ryan Wong

Extensity Software
"We have found that while our customers appreciate and enjoy the benefits of our Java-based Extensity Expense Reports, they were slowed in their implementation of the application because several virtual machines were not retroactively compatible with older versions of Web browsers in active use at our customer sites," said Pam Kostka, director of product marketing at Extensity. "Java Plug-in decouples the need for Web browser vendors to keep pace with virtual machines. This is an important benefit, because it allows our customers to deploy Extensity Expense Reports within existing technology configurations. In addition, we can guarantee our customers that their users will have full and immediate support for future enhancements to our application that take advantage of new Java features."

Margit Wennmachers
Outcast Communications (for Extensity)

Fujitsu Software Corporation
"As a company extremely committed to Java development and deployment, Fujitsu is very excited about the Java Plug-in and it's ability to ensure consistent Java deployment across enterprise desktops regardless of whether or not the Web browser has a Java compatible virtual machine," said Michael Kay, vice president and general manager, enterprise management products at Fujitsu Software Corporation. "We plan on incorporating Java Plug-in into NetPrism and look forward to the benefits that it will bring to our users."

Bob Brodie
Fujitsu Software Corporation

IBM Corporation
"IBM recognizes the importance of having a cross-platform client solution for the differing customer environments, and the Java Plug-in will enable developers to write Java applications to a standard Java virtual machine and not be concerned about incompatibility. This step is evidence that the industry understands customers requirements and is moving in the right direction to address them," said Jan Jackman, Java Software Business Manager at IBM.

Megan McFeely
IBM Corporation

Infoscape, Inc.
"Infoscape has been committed to providing our customers with 100% Pure Java application solutions since we introduced Fresco a year ago," said Richard Williamson, Infoscape's Chief Technology Officer. "Java Plug-in allows intranet applications developed with Fresco to be deployed without hassle and regardless of browser platform. Our customers, such as BellCanada, are already realizing the increased performance and deployment ease of Fresco 3.0 applications deployed using Java Plug-in.'"

Anthony Pho
Infoscape, Inc.

Lotus Development Corporation
"We are pleased that Sun is releasing the Java Plug-in as it addresses browser incompatibility issues," said Bart Lautenbach, senior manager, Lotus Application Development Product Marketing. "We view the Java Plug-in as an important tool to help customers using Lotus BeanMachine ensure that their JDK 1.1-based applets will run consistently across browsers."

Steve Hopley
Lotus Development Corporation

NRG Information Services
"The Java Plug-in is an excellent solution for our enterprise because it addresses the problems we were facing with trying to deploy JDK 1.1-based applets on Web browsers that didn't have consistent compatibility and support at the virtual machine level," said Grant Genereux, project manager at NRG Information Services. "Specifically, we use the Java Plug-in for RMI (Remote Method Invocation) support from within browsers."

Grant Genereux
NRG Information Services

Oracle Corporation
"We enthusiastically support the Java Plug-in technology since it accelerates the adoption of Java by permitting applets and applications to run consistently in Web browsers, regardless of whether or not the built-in virtual machine is Java Compatible," said William Sheehan, Java Program Manger at Oracle Corporation. "We plan to provide the Java Plug-in technology with Oracle products so that they can be easily deployed by enterprise managers and so that users will be able to run our Java enabled products in their Web browser of choice."

Kristin Harlan
Oracle Corporation

Solutions Consulting International
"The Java Plug-in is an excellent enterprise solution for our clients," said David Boydston, President, Solutions Consulting International. "The Java Plug-in addresses the problems we face when trying to deploy JDK 1.1-based applets on Web browsers that do not have full support for the latest functionality provided in the Java platform."

David Boydston
Solutions Consulting International
805-964-4868 x5

Symantec Corporation
"Java Plug-in, powered by Symantec's industry standard Just-In-Time compiler version 3.0, directly addresses the needs of enterprise customers for high performance Java execution in Java-compatible Web browsers," said Mansour Safai vice president of Symantec's Internet Tools Division.

Michelle Cunningham
Symantec Corporation

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision, "The Network Is The Computer™ has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ "SUNW") to its position as a leading provider of hardware, software and services for establishing enterprise-wide intranets and expanding the power of the Internet. With more than $9 billion in annual revenues, Sun can be found in more than 150 countries and on the World Wide Web at


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