Sun Announces Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

Extends Industrial Strength Java Technologies to Server-Centric Environments

SAN FRANCISCO - JavaOne Developer Conference - June 15, 1999 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, a full-featured edition of the Java 2 platform that extends mission critical enterprise applications to any web browser. Combining a number of previously announced technologies in one architecture with a comprehensive Application Programming Model and Compatibility Test Suite, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition significantly reduces the complexity and cost of developing networked applications.

This powerful combination of enterprise-oriented technologies gives software programmers the portability, security and functionality of the Java 2 platform, together with cross-platform compatibility and scalability for the fast-growing networked applications market. The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition simplifies the building of portable enterprise applications by wrapping existing legacy systems, eliminating the need for complex programming.

"The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition is the ultimate platform for businesses competing in the networked economy," said Jon Kannegaard, vice president and general manager of the Java platform, Java Software at Sun Microsystems, Inc." The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition provides an environment where multiple types of middleware can work together, allowing companies to build on existing investments while streamlining their business processes. With Java 2, Enterprise Edition companies can build scalable, platform independent enterprise software systems that are easily customized and distributed."

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Technologies

The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition combines a number of key Java technologies including:

"The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition represents a true advancement in enterprise application creation and distribution", said Steve Garone, Java Program Director at International Data Corporation. "Sun is providing a platform that allows faster, more cost-effective development and deployment of enterprise applications using current technologies such as EJB. The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition enables easy migration and seamless integration of enterprise technologies and services."

Easy Migration to the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

In addition to the platform, Sun will deliver the Java 2, Enterprise Edition Application Programming Model. This document will be a "best practices" guide for application developers who are building networked business applications on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. The Application Programming Model will contain design patterns and practices, as well as example applications that illustrate the most efficient way to build applications to the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition.

Sun™ Professional Services today also announced Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition services to help customers adopt the Java 2, Enterprise Edition environment. These custom quote services are available from the worldwide network of Sun Professional Services, Java Center services and will help enable customers to design enterprise Java technology solutions that can help create competitive advantages and breakaway business strategies. For more information on specific services, please see

To ensure that developers are empowered with the most current and comprehensive skill set, Sun Enterprise™ Service offers Java Technology Educational Solutions for the Enterprise. This set of curriculum and consulting services helps individual developers to advance their competency and enhance their expertise with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition technologies. For more information on this service, please refer to

Sun Microsystems is also hosting the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Component Model Deployathon at JavaOne. This event, held in Hall D demonstrates a single Enterprise JavaBeans application running unmodified on more than 15 EJB servers. This event further delivers on Sun's commitment to insuring that the Java platform is truly cross-platform and enterprise-ready.

Platform Roadmap

The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition is being developed through the Java Community Process, with contributions from industry leading companies worldwide (see quote addendum for industry-wide support and endorsements). The Java Community Process is Sun's auditable process for evolving technology with input from across the industry. A Reference Implementation and Compatibility Test Suite will also be available to ensure cross-platform portability. Please refer to the chart below for release schedules.

The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition specification and all of the related specifications are being conducted under the Java Community Process. The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition is currently in the Public Review phase, or Stage 7. For more information on the Java Community Process, see The Java 2 Platform , Enterprise Edition will be available through Sun's Community Source Licensing program at For a comprehensive list of features and more information regarding Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition technologies visit

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