Sun Announces Java™ Look and Feel Design Guidelines

Guidelines Help Developers Design Consistent Look and Feel for Java Applications

SAN FRANCISCO -- JavaOne Developer Conference -- June 15, 1999 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the availability of the Java™ Look and Feel Design Guidelines, a book for software developers designing Java technology applications. Written by the experts at Sun and based on the Java Foundation Classes, the book guides developers on how to implement uniform, consistent, and coherent user interfaces. By following the guidelines, developers can create powerful, cross-platform Java technology applications with the same visual appeal as standard desktop applications and the portability of the Java platform.

"This is a great handbook because it gives the community a common vocabulary to use in creating Java 2 products," said James Gosling, one of the creators of Java technology. "The Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines provides the foundation Sun uses in its offerings and establishes the baseline we can all use in creating aesthetically appealing applications for the Internet."

The Java technology look and feel provides a distinctive, platform-independent appearance and standard behavior for the enterprise environment. The use of this single look and feel reduces development time and lowers the cost of training and documentation for all users. The book addresses the critical components of designing Java applications:

"The rapid adoption of the Java 2 platform puts us in a great position to help developers create a high quality, consistent image," said Jonathan Schwartz, vice president and general manager of Application Development and Performance Tools for Sun. "The Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines is at the heart of our effort to offer customers the uniformity and ease of use they've come to expect across all their desktop and Internet applications."

Sun has already received positive reviews from developers recognizing the need for the guidelines. "This is an incredible resource and is a must have for anybody developing Java applications," said Joshua Engel, a developer at Knowledge Bus, Inc.

Pricing and Availability

The book is published by Addison-Wesley and is currently available for purchase through the web site. It is also available as an on-line resource to developers through the site.

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