Sun Microsystems Announces Availability of Java™ 2 Platform on Linux

Linux Port for the Java™ 2 Platform, Standard Edition Available through Collaboration with Inprise Corporation

NEW YORK, NY -- Dec. 7, 1999-- Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced its plans to ship a Linux version of the Java™ 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). The union of the Java 2 platform and Linux satisfies a growing desire among developers to utilize the power of the Java 2 platform with the popular open source Linux operating system. The release of J2SE on Linux, along with distribution through Inprise Corporation, will enable developers to easily and quickly deploy Java technology based applications on Linux servers, as well as make it simpler to port existing Java applications to Linux. Moreover, any customer using Linux can now have access to millions of Java based applets and applications, thereby creating a tremendous opportunity for Linux users to take advantage of the Java 2 platform.

Sun worked with Inprise to produce this Linux port of J2SE. The first release candidate, or final preview, of the Java 2 platform on Linux is now available at and will also be included in shipments of Jbuilder, Inprise's award winning integrated development environment. In early 2000, Sun and Inprise will ship their final Linux port. Sun will internally produce future Linux ports, for the next version of J2SE, which will be available in Q1 Y2000.

"Linux developers have a reason to smile today, as we've executed on their requests to marry the Linux open source operating system with a world-class development environment -- the Java 2 platform," said George Paolini, vice president, Java Community Development, Sun Microsystems. "This announcement underscores that fact that Linux's momentum has grown to a point where the industry recognizes it as a viable operating system."

Sun First to Deliver Latest Release of Java 2 Platform for Linux The Sun-Inprise port of the Java 2 platform to Linux is the first commercial-grade effort on the market. Although other Linux ports of the Java platform are available, the Sun-Inprise effort is the only port of the most recent version of J2SE, v 1.2.2. The Java 2 platform was released last December and provides the speed, security, stability and complete feature set necessary for enterprise application development, particularly for Java technology-enabled desktops and workgroup servers. To date, over 1,840,000 copies of the Java 2 platform have been downloaded.

"Inprise and Sun Microsystems have taken a big step toward maintaining open, standards-based network computing architectures that utilize technologies like Linux and the Java 2 platform," said Dale Fuller, Interim CEO and President of Inprise. "With our announcement today, Linux enthusiasts finally have access to a proven development platform that allows them to take advantage of the many diverse applications that exist in the network economy."

"We strongly support and cheer Sun's Linux Port for the Java™ 2 Platform," said Ransom Love, president and CEO of Caldera Systems."Because of our Linux for eBusiness focus, this port is an important part of our business plan. Like Sun, we believe that the future of Linux will be the Internet--with Linux being the common denominator in Internet devices and applications as well as the underlying OS. In short, Sun's Linux Port for Java 2 puts an exclamation point behind Java and Linux as the best technology choice for eBusiness and eCommerce."

The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition on Linux

J2SE for Linux is freely available via download for individual use from The associated Java Runtime Environment for Linux, which enables users to run Java technology-based applications, will be freely redistributable per the terms of the license upon final release of J2SE for Linux. Source code will be available through Sun Community Source Licensing (SCSL) after final release of the product.

J2SE v 1.2.2 includes Inprise's Just-in-time (JIT) compiler. However, Sun intends to port the Java HotSpot™ Client and Server Virtual Machines for its port of J2SE v 1.3 on Linux.

With this announcement, Linux now joins numerous other existing operating systems that support the Java 2 platform, including SGI Irix, Compaq Tru64 UNIX®, Tandem, IBM, HP, Microsoft Windows, Solaris™, BeOS, NetWare, SCO and Sequent.

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