Father of Java, James Gosling, Celebrates "Innovation Everywhere" with Java Technology

JavaOne Attendees Introduced To Future of Java Technology - From Local Roads To Mars

SAN FRANCISCO, JavaOne(sm) 2003 Developer Conference -- June 11, 2003 -- Today at the JavaOne 2003 Developer Conference James Gosling applauded the community of more than three million developers worldwide for eight years of making Java the universal platform for end-to-end computing. The powerful combination of leadership from Sun and the Java community, together with its tremendous momentum throughout the computing landscape, has made Java a pervasive technology. Java technology can truly be found everywhere, from toasters and phones to cars and mission critical systems that control the Mars Rover.

"Since the release of Java in 1995, seeing what people are doing with it blows my mind," said James Gosling, vice president of Sun Labs and Sun Fellow. "After eight short years, the Java Community is millions strong, with the best and brightest minds collaborating and contributing to the cool technologies of the future. So where will Java be in the next eight years? That can only be answered by the developers who have made it what it is today and wherever the road takes us will be an exciting ride."

Java Technology Everywhere

Java technology is everywhere in huge volumes, with more than 300 million Java Card deployments worldwide and 267 million Java enabled phones slated to ship by year end. In today's keynote address Gosling showcased:

Announced Today

In concert with the launch of java.net, the Java Research License has been newly simplified to help spur innovation among universities and researchers. java.net and the CollabNet SourceCast software can support the use of any Open Source Initiative (OSI)-approved license for projects developing source code. java.net is pre-configured to support the BSD, Apache, SISSL, GPL, LGPL and MPL licenses, in addition to Java source code SCSL. java.net also supports a variety of document licenses.

James announced the launch of his personal weblog located at today.java.net/jag where people can read comments from James and contribute thoughts of their own surrounding Java technology.

In addition, James announced a contest inviting JavaOne attendees to submit creative ways to distribute next year's JavaOne t-shirt from stage. Ideas will be reviewed between now and next June and the winning suggestion will be implemented on stage with James at JavaOne 2004.

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