Scott McNealy Speaks Java

Sun Microsystems CEO Issues Java Technology Report Card and Duke's Choice Awards

SAN FRANCISCO -- JavaOne(sm) Developer Conference -- June 13, 2003 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) topped off its eighth annual JavaOne software conference today with a keynote by Scott McNealy, Sun's Chairman, President and CEO. McNealy reported that Java technology is becoming the gold standard for compatibility from enterprise datacenters to consumer mobile devices as the software industry navigates through a sea of change.

"Plastic-wrapped, metal-wrapped, rack-wrapped and gift-wrapped software distribution models are rapidly replacing the standard shrink-wrapped model, changing the very essence of the software industry," said McNealy. "Consumers more and more will demand Java based mobile devices like phones and PDAs essentially ending the consumer era of software sold separately."

McNealy then launched into a series of report cards for Java technology and .NET, comparing the two in categories such as class participation, choice, security and branding.

"Java graduated summa cum laude, top of the class based on scalability, upstanding community membership, choice, lowest TCO, cross-platform leverage, and security," McNealy told the crowd. "This compared to .NET, which scored poorly, failing in almost every category."

McNealy also had some fun awarding an eclectic selection of unusual Java sightings with the Duke's Choice Awards.

"We are acknowledging some of the best, from the Coolest Interplanetary Use of Java technology, awarded to the Mars Rover to the Bad Boys award issued to the NYPD crime analysis and reporting tool," said McNealy. "Duke, the mascot of JavaOne may decide to make his awards an annual thing, stay tuned."

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