Sun Microsystems Helps Students Prepare for the Technology Workplace with Java and Unix Courses through the Cisco Networking Academy Program

SEATTLE, NATIONAL EDUCATION COMPUTING CONFERENCE (NECC), Booth #2938, 2940 -- June 30, 2003 -- Reinforcing its commitment to provide high quality, affordable educational resources, Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) today announced that it will continue to provide sponsorship for no cost Java and UNIX(R) curriculum to nonprofit educational institutions through the Cisco Networking AcademyŽ Program. This year alone, Sun will sponsor more than 1,400 Academies worldwide, extending the reach of Java and UNIX courses to all 50 states and more than 150 countries. Sun also offers discounts on certification testing to Cisco Networking Academy students, easing their transition from school to the workforce.

Sun sponsors two courses, entitled "Fundamentals of Java Programming" and "Fundamentals of UNIX." The courses are designed to prepare students for networking and IT-related jobs in the public and private sectors, as well as for higher education in engineering, computer science and related fields.

"Sun is committed to providing students with learning resources that arm them with the critical IT skills necessary to remain competitive in the work place," said Kim Jones, vice president of Global Education and Research for Sun Microsystems. "The proliferation of Java, Linux and Solaris opens up a world of opportunity for today's students. Sun is working with Cisco give these students the tools and training they need to build life-long careers when they enter the workforce."

"Fundamentals of Java Programming" offers certification-level training in object-oriented Java programming. The Java programming course is offered globally to high school and college students and helps prepare U.S. students for the College Board Advanced Placement computer science exams. The "Fundamentals of UNIX" class offers students the option to specialize in UNIX, using curriculum for both the Solaris Operating Environment and Linux.

The Cisco Networking Academy Program employs a blended e-learning model, using a combination of Web-based, instructor-led learning and hands-on exercises to teach students information communication technology skills. Cisco Networking Academies are established in more than 10,000 high schools, colleges, military bases, workforce retraining centers, juvenile detention centers and homeless shelters.

Cisco Academy Training Centers (CATCs) train instructors at Regional Academies, which in turn recruit, train and support up to 10 Local Academies, where students attend classes.

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