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From: (Todd Lehman)
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Subject: <==> lugnet.robotics
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Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 22:01:35 GMT
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The  mailing list and the  lugnet.robotics
newsgroup are now linked via a two-way mail-to-news/news-to-mail gateway.

So, anything posted to lugnet.robotics will show up on lego-robotics and
vice-versa.  (Except MIME messages and binaries, which won't show up in

Here's how the link was accomplished:

Russel Nelson asked his mailing list server to add as a list-member.  This sent out a confirmation
message to, which I replied to, and then the
lego-robotics server sent the message below (mostly snipped).  I then added to the outgoing e-mail distribution list for
lugnet.robotics and asked the mail-to-news gateway to specially
convert anything coming from so that all the names
would pass automatically without making all the lego-robotics mailing list
subscribers go through the News Posting Setup process.  Outgoing
messages from are also converted specially so
that they won't bounce when received by

--Todd writes:

> Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I'm managing the
> mailing list.
> Acknowledgment: I have added the address
> to this mailing list.
> Please take a look at before posting
> to the list.  We've done a lot since September 1998!
> [snip]

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