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From: ke...@pixel.Stanford.EDU (Kekoa Proudfoot)
Subject: Librcx
Date: 1999/02/09
Message-ID: <79pv4f$ci9$1@nntp.Stanford.EDU>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 442504880
Organization: Stanford University

Since I have left it untouched for a while, I am releasing my development
environment for the RCX.

Librcx is intended to be a lowest-level driver for the Lego RCX.  It
provides an interface between your C code and the ROM.  The intent is to
allow you to easily explore the ROM interface.  It is also possible to use
this code as a starting point for writing something more sophisticated,
along the lines of LegOS (

Librcx requires the GNU H8 development environment.

The code for Librcx is at:

Have at it.


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