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From: Luis Villa <>
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Subject: legOS HOWTO announcement
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Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 02:36:41 GMT
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After much delay and deliberation, there is now a very, very rough cut of
the 0.2.x legOS HOWTO at legOS's sourceforge site. There is still a lot to
be done- for example, it doesn't mention winlegOS yet, nor does it cover
the new rotation sensor code. There are also many, many sections of
CAPITALIZED TEXT, which are basically personalized notes to remind me to
re-do something. I plan on finishing those things (so that it begins to
resemble an actual text) by a week from today.  By two weeks from today,
I'd like to have a dynamic comment system built to allow people to add
their own insights, comments, and questions to the text. I have another
project which may interfere with that, but other than that one project,
this is my first and foremost summer priority, so you can rest assured 
that these things will occur and that we will again have a useful guide to 
work from. 

Anyway, without further ado:

Enjoy! And please don't hesitate to send comments (except when it is 
clear from my own comments that I already intend to re-write stuff.) 


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