Linux - Advocacy

1991-11-07   Linux activists  More  More  More
1991-12-09   The Linux info sheet

1992-01-05   Two Questions
1992-01-10   News group or mailing list  More
1992-01-15   Use PERL rather than C for system commands
1992-01-21   Request for Discussion: comp.os.linux
1992-02-03   Minix and Linux - See document  More
1992-02-25   Linux FAQ  More  More  More  More
1992-03-01   Running linux in < 500kB
1992-03-13   Linux source code
1992-03-25   comp.os.linux newsgroup passes
1992-04-06   Beginner's Guide to Linux v0.95a
1992-04-07   Money donations
1992-04-23   How to pronounce "Linux"?
1992-04-26   Shouldn't we be using zoo?
1992-05-25   Help me install Linux
1992-06-18   Which licence is use for libs?
1992-06-25   Linus Torvalds on GEnie
1992-07-20   Split newsgroup
1992-07-20   Where to find information about Linux
1992-07-31   Birthday
1992-08-03   Linux history
1992-09-01   TSX-11.MIT.EDU
1992-09-28   BYTE asks, is UNIX dead?
1992-09-30   Current status of the Linus fund
1992-10-02   comp.os.linux readership report
1992-10-07   Linux News  More  More
1992-11-05   Finally paid off my computer
1992-11-20   Linux documentation and distribution
1992-12-08   Linux info sheet  More
1992-12-08   Mailing List  More

1993-01-01   Linux News
1993-02-11   Linux gets major press
1993-02-26   Finally, the Linus GIFs
1993-03-02   Sunsite statistics and the popularity of Linux
1993-03-04   We need to make some things happen
1993-03-13   BBS project
1993-03-15   Announcing the OASG Linux Trust
1993-03-17   Linux Foundation
1993-04-14   Linux on Amigas and Macs
1993-04-18   Linux e-mail address list
1993-04-26   Linux t-shirts available
1993-05-11   Volunteers wanted
1993-06-03   Windows easier than Linux not
1993-06-07   Do you want to see Linux replace Microsoft Windows?
1993-06-24   SLS status
1993-07-27   Linux is a toy
1993-08-09   Why would I want Linux?
1993-08-22   NT versus Linux
1993-08-25   Linux and Corporate America
1993-09-13   The Linus fund
1993-09-23   SLS v Slackware
1993-09-30   Counting Linux users  More
1993-10-02   Welcome to the comp.os.linux.* hierarchy  More
1993-10-05   Quick notes on user-friendly Unix
1993-11-18   Don't use Motif
1993-11-29   Linux Journal
1993-12-10   Free software critique
1993-12-14   Linux International proposal

1994-01-xx   Computer Science at the University of Helsinki  [PDF]
1994-01-20   Linux International proposal
1994-01-23   How much disk for Slackware 1.1.1  More
1994-01-25   MS-DOS Better than Linux?
1994-03-27   An Introduction to Linux International
1994-03-28   Linux - tekninen yhteenveto  [PDF, Finnish]
1994-04-xx   Linux System Administration
1994-04-06   Linux conference in Heidelberg  More  More
1994-04-07   Linux Journal Major Changes
1994-04-08   Connecting Linux box to NT
1994-04-10   Testing our Web server  More
1994-04-11   I saw Chicago
1994-04-12   Join the Linux Symposium Amsterdam
1994-04-12   PC Week Labs Product of the Week  More  More  More  More
1994-04-16   Project to compile a Linux Software Development Kit
1994-04-27   Linux Conference NYC
1994-05-07   Configuration tools project
1994-05-13   Automatic Hardware Configuration project
1994-05-17   Standard Linux GUI
1994-05-18 springs into existence
1994-05-18   Linux & Padua University (Italy) at I2U convention
1994-05-20   Linux International & Auto Cfg project
1994-05-22   Internationalization project
1994-05-24   Why is Linux monolithic  More
1994-05-26   Novell's Linux-based OS  More
1994-06-10   Patents in Sweden, Germany
1994-06-10   Linux Buyer's Guide issue
1994-07-04   I'm disappointed
1994-07-08   Motif for Linux Disclaimer
1994-07-30   Linux Conference at Open Systems World
1994-08-15   Future of Linux
1994-08-31   Leaving for Australia
1994-09-xx   Linux has evolved out of the Internet
1994-09-06   Linux Seminar in San Jose, CA
1994-09-09   Linux at Unix Expo -- Free Tickets
1994-09-09   Don't use Linux
1994-09-13   General Linux Development
1994-10-07   New Motif lib's for use with XFree 3.1
1994-10-20   Linux sucks
1994-11-xx   The Wide Appeal of Linux
1994-11-01   Multi-Tasking on a PC
1994-11-13   Introduction to Linux International
1994-11-13   Introducing the Linux Development Grant Fund
1994-11-16   Open Systems World / FedUNIX Show announcement
1994-11-18   TSX-11.MIT.EDU now has a new disk
1994-12-01   First Annual Linux Conference
1994-12-27   Report from Dec 1 Linux Conference at FedUnix

1995-01-02   Graphical Design Policy and the Future of Linux/X
1995-01-16   Linux insulted by Infoworld
1995-01-24   A real alternative for DOS
1995-02-xx   Report on COMDEX '94
1995-02-19   Linux International's Linux Promotion Project
1995-03-xx   DDJ Excellence on Programming Awards: Linus Torvalds
1995-04-03   Linux Congress in Berlin  More
1995-05-13   Linux has two problems
1995-05-16   Why do you care about Linux?
1995-06-01   We will lose
1995-06-15   Let's do something about Microsoft
1995-07-01   Development begins for next release of Linux
1995-07-09   Linux Development Grant Fund update  More
1995-09-18   Promote the use of Linux
1995-10-05   21059 registered Linux users
1995-11-xx   The Linux Phenomenon
1995-11-08   Linux Configuration Issues
1995-12-22   Linux In Developing Countries

1996-01-22   USENIX 1996 Technical Conference
1996-01-25   How will Linux compete with Windows?
1996-01-29   Is Motif worth getting?
1996-02-xx   Linux matters
1996-02-xx   The sound and the fury  More  [PDF]
1996-07-24   Changes for
1996-08-08   Linux trademark
1996-08-16   Advocating Linux  More
1996-08-16   Linux gets Windows 95 interface
1996-09-08   How Finnish programmer's quest challenged Microsoft
1996-09-16   Unix and Linux on TV  More
1996-10-07   Linux: Microsoft's real competition?
1996-10-21   Taking a second look at Linux
1996-11-04   No good deed goes unpunished  More  More
1996-12-21   Linux Trademark

1997-01-xx   The State of Linux
1997-01-06   USENIX 1997 Annual Technical Conference
1997-01-12   Sizing the Linux Market
1997-01-13   Enough with the games
1997-02-05   Linux Expo Update
1997-02-06   Linux Advocacy
1997-02-07   Report USENIX/UseLinux Show, Anaheim
1997-02-23   NT and Netscape or Linux and Apache
1997-04-xx   UniForum'97 Report
1997-04-xx   Usenix/Uselinux in Anaheim  More
1997-04-20   Linux CD  More  More  More  More  More  More
1997-07-xx   Replacing Qt
1997-07-13   New Linux FTP site:
1997-08-xx   The Greatest OS
1997-09-20   Linus Torvalds Interview
1997-11-xx   Linux for all
1997-11-14   Linux International
1997-11-24   K Desktop makes Linux a looker
1997-11-25   SCO is bashing Linux  More
1997-12-17   Linus Torvalds Receives 1997 Nokia Foundation Award

1998-01-29   StarOffice 4.0 Installation
1998-03-xx   Linux v Windows 95
1998-03-04   A Finnish Subversive's Plan to Overthrow Windows
1998-04-08   The KDE Free Qt Foundation
1998-04-25   StarOffice as idea source
1998-04-27   Linux Anecdotes
1998-05-01   Alan Cox works for Red Hat
1998-05-13   Linux On Lookout For Exposure
1998-06-02   StarOffice 3.1 Mini-HOWTO
1998-06-16   Linux Vs. NT Public Forum
1998-06-23   How Linux Could Kill Windows NT  More
1998-07-10   Linux manifesto
1998-07-15   Why KDE is Still a Bad Idea
1998-08-04   The Linux Revolution  More
1998-08-06   Problems with the Qt Free Edition License  More  More
1998-08-12   Toshiba / Microsoft Saga  More
1998-08-24   Linux Shows Value of Free Software
1998-09-21   Back to RedHat
1998-09-08   Linux gaining ground against Microsoft
1998-09-08   Linux Is Cool
1998-09-10   Computing giants backing Linux
1998-09-10   Why Linux Quite Appropriately Scares the Bejesus Out of Microsoft
1998-09-16   Linux, UDI and SCO
1998-09-14   Google at BALUG - See document  More
1998-09-23   Google and the WebBase - See document  More  More
1998-09-27   Google Stanford Hardware - See document  More
1998-10-11   Profile on Linus Torvalds  [YouTube]
1998-10-14   Linux Gains Popularity
1998-10-14   Is Linux User-Friendly?
1998-10-21   The battle scene is France  More  More  More
1998-10-26   Linus Torvalds has devised a system that is challenging Windows
1998-11-23   How to trip Microsoft
1998-11-25   Comdex 98 Report
1998-12-03   Petition for TrollTech  More

1999-01-05   Alan Cox's computers
1999-01-12   StarOffice 4.0 for Linux FAQ
1999-01-31   Linux vs. NT: Benchmarks
1999-02-01   The Slashdot Effect  More
1999-02-13   Alan Cox Interview
1999-02-15   Linux a Work in Progress  More
1999-03-05   Linux Puts On A Business Tie
1999-03-11   Need help with performance
1999-04-xx   Linux and the Enterprise  More
1999-04-14   Alan Cox on the Mindcraft survey  More
1999-04-20   Alan Cox talks about Linux  [WMA]
1999-04-22   SMP? Why Bother?
1999-05-xx   Unix and Beyond: An Interview with Ken Thompson - See document  More  More
1999-05-05   Bruce Weiner
1999-05-11   Linus Torvalds to Keynote at Lotus DevCon99
1999-05-20   GNOME is no Windows dwarf  More
1999-06-05   Phase #2 of Mindcraft tests
1999-06-16   Big kernels
1999-06-21   Torvalds talks: Where Linux is headed
1999-06-26   Why it's a good thing FreeBSD isn't as popular as Linux
1999-08-11   LinuxWorld 1999, Torvalds and Stallman  [YouTube]
1999-08-12   Red Hat and Red Hat IPO  [YouTube]
1999-08-15   Can business and Linux work together?
1999-08-17   SCO and Open Source
1999-08-30   One Linux, Under Linus
1999-09-08   Open Source - AUUG'99   More  More
1999-09-22   IBM's money thwarts the GPL
1999-10-04   Linux Myths
1999-11-01   The Windows V. Linux Verdict
1999-11-15   Linux founder: I was upset about Mindcraft for awhile
1999-12-14   Linux, Red Hat 6.1, Corel Office Suite  [YouTube]

2000-01-23   Microsoft-style dragable, resizable, stackable menu/button bars
2000-02-14   Linux poses threat to Windows 2000
2000-02-15   Of removable devices
2000-03-21   Linux users to protest prohibition on circumvention in Washington, DC  More
2000-04-24   Linux users to protest prohibition on circumvention  More  More  More  More  More
2000-05-18   Prohibition on circumvention protest at Stanford University  More
2000-05-30   Google Bets The Farm On Linux - See document  More
2000-08-22   SCO/Caldera vow a better Linux than Linux  More
2000-08-24   MandrakeSoft calls for a cease fire in the KDE-Gnome war
2000-09-10   Ease of Use
2000-10-12   An Open Letter From Bob Young
2000-12-02   Ozlabs

2001-01-xx   Conectiva representative at the Australian Linux Conference
2001-01-09   Linuxcare Pledges Commitment Through Conference Sponsorship
2001-01-18  More
2001-02-01   Linux Comes to the Big Screen  More
2001-02-01   Revolution OS: Linux and Open Source  [YouTube]
2001-02-01   Linus Torvalds, Linux and GNU/Linux  [YouTube]
2001-02-01   Windows Refund Day In Review  [YouTube]
2001-07-18   Why Linux Won't Ever Be Mainstream  More  More
2001-07-24   Linux is on the move  [PDF]
2001-08-18   Code film screening
2001-08-18   Linus Torvalds  [YouTube]
2001-08-18   Alan Cox  [YouTube]
2001-08-18   Theodore T'so  [YouTube]
2001-08-18   Dave Miller  [YouTube]
2001-08-18   VA Linux and Red Hat v Microsoft and Sun  [YouTube]
2001-10-xx   The battle for the desktop could snatch defeat  More  More
2001-12-xx   Is GNOME Ready for the Desktop?
2001-12-13   Red Hat CEO Tells Senate Judiciary Committee At Microsoft Hearing

2002-02-21   Linux will prevail
2002-05-24   patent on O_ATOMICLOOKUP
2002-05-30   UnitedLinux  [WMA]  More  More  [PDF]  More  More  More
2002-08-14   Red Hat to Lead March to Fight for Intellectual Property Freedom
2002-08-30   Lobbying for insecurity
2002-10-14   A Mortal Microsoft  [PDF]
2002-11-27   Guitar maker plays a Linux tune  More
2002-12-31   Fear the Penguin  [PDF]

2003-01-22  [PDF]
2003-01-23   Torvalds, Tridgell, Garbee answer questions at  [WMA]
2003-01-25   The GNOME Project Grows Up  [WMA]  More
2003-01-30   Linux Mindshare: Getting inside the buyer's head
2003-06-06   Fonts on Linux: A Rant  More
2003-07-08   Linux Comes to Stratus
2003-07-09   Microsoft Struggle Against Linux
2003-07-16   Linux Panel at CA World
2003-07-18   Assessment of Large Vendor’s Linux Strategies
2003-07-25   LinuxWorld 2003 in San Francisco
2003-07-28   Elusive IP, Watch Out
2003-07-29   The New OSDL
2003-09-09   Linux on the Desktop
2003-09-11   Stratus Readies a Fault-Tolerant Linux Product
2003-09-17   Indemnification of Software  More  More
2003-09-21   Open Letter on Software Patents from Linux developers
2003-09-25   HP Leaps Ahead of the Competition by Indemnifying Linux
2003-10-23   Open Source Warranties
2003-11-03   IBM Has Made Great Strides with its Linux Program in Past Year
2003-11-04   Novell Set to Acquire SuSE
2003-11-04   Public Patent Foundation Begins Operations
2003-11-04   Red Hat Linux ends network support  More
2003-11-04   Red Hat recommends Windows for consumers
2003-12-03   Microsoft opens technology to more licensing - See document
2003-12-09   Microsoft FAT patents 'could be re-opened
2003-12-17   Software-based IP Infringement

2004-01-12   Torvalds turns up at
2004-01-18 report  More  More  Photos  Photos
2004-04-15   PUBPAT Challenges Microsoft Patent to Protect Competition
2004-05-26   Linux End Users
2004-06-10   Microsoft Patent to be Reexamined at PUBPAT's Request
2004-06-11   Linux Is Being Kicked Around
2004-07-12   PUBPAT Announces Microsoft Patent Watch
2004-07-17   Linux becoming friendlier
2004-07-24   Andrew Morton talks about Linux  [WMA]
2004-08-04   IBM pledges no patent attacks against Linux - See document
2004-08-07   The Business Value of Open Source
2004-08-13   Linux is burdened with intellectual-property uncertainty
2004-08-18   Linus Torvalds' Benevolent Dictatorship
2004-08-31   Linux Standard Base: Enough Support?
2004-09-30   At PUBPAT's Request, Patent Office Rejects FAT Patent
2004-10-08   Linucon  More

2005-04-21   GNOME
2005-08-10   Desktop Linux
2005-09-30   Linucon  More  More  More  More  More  More
2005-10-05   Microsoft's Linux-related patents rejected
2005-12-13   Printing dialog and GNOME

2006-01-10   Microsoft's file system patent upheld
2006-01-29   GNOME
2006-02-07   NLD10 and GNOME  More
2006-07-27   DRM "Misunderstood"

2007-02-12   Printing dialog and GNOME
2007-02-21   Goodbye, Fedora
2007-03-13   Dell to Expand Linux Options
2007-05-03   Linus Torvalds talks about git  [YouTube]

2008-06-11   Revolution and Evolution

2009-01-22   Linux founder Linus Torvalds talks about open-source identity
2009-01-28   Linux: the views situation
2009-09-21   The Linux Kernel  [YouTube]  More
2009-11-03   Linux Security
2009-11-23   The market and Linux desktops

2010-04-07   10th Anniversary of Linux for the Mainframe: Beginning to Today
2010-05-10   Unity and Ubuntu Light
2010-06-16   'Year of Linux' on the desktop OS
2010-07-28   Who writes GNOME?  [PDF]
2010-10-31   Unity: Some Further Clarification Points
2010-12-03   Linux kernel development  [PDF]

2011-03-07   Has GNOME rejected Canonical help?  More
2011-03-10   Internal competition is healthy  More  More
2011-03-11   What does the user see?
2011-03-15   GNOME 3 experience
2011-06-01   Tweaks to bring back missing functionality in GNOME 3.0  More  More
2011-08-18   Linux at 20, some personal memories

2012-08-29   The Linux Desktop  More

2013-02-21   "... why do you bother with the MS keysigning of Linux kernel modules ...?

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