Linux - Embedded OS

1998-09-02   Caldera's investments in the Linux and embedded OEM markets

1999-07-20   Embedded Linux at Lineo  More
1999-09-27   Lineo releases embedded Linux road map

2000-01-24   Embedix Linux 1.0
2000-03-09   Industry leaders launch Embedded Linux Consortium  More  More
2000-05-01   Lineo receives investments
2000-06-21   BusyBox 0.45
2000-08-30   Open Source Development Lab formed by HP, Intel, IBM, NEC - See document

2001-03-16   BusyBox 0.50  More  More  More  More  More  More
2001-04-09   Unified embedded platform specification established by Embedded Linux Consortium board
2001-06-12   Industry leaders form TV Linux Alliance  More
2001-08-02   BusyBox 0.60.0  More
2001-08-13   Embedded Linux Consortium's new board takes control
2001-08-20   Lineo receives investment
2001-11-28   Why Microsoft Windows XP Embedded and not Embedded Linux? - See document  More

2002-02-22   Embedded Linux Consortium ratifies intellectual property agreement
2002-03-25   Working group formed to build an Embedded Linux platform standard
2002-12-17   Metrowerks acquires Embedix (Lineo) assets  More  [PDF]
2002-12-xx   ELC Platform Specification Version 1.0  [PDF]
2002-12-18   Matsushita, Sony to collaborate on development of Linux for digital home devices

2003-02-19   Embedded Linux Consortium unveils standard
2003-07-01   Eight consumer electronic companies establish "CE Linux Forum"
2003-11-24   CE Linux Forum publishes Baseline Source Tree  More  More  [PDF]
2003-12-10   BusyBox license

2004-10-13   BusyBox 1.00

2005-09-09   OSDL to Host ELC Platform Specification

2006-09-08   BusyBox, GPLv2 vs v3  More  More  More  More  More  More  More

2007-01-22   Linux Foundation Launches, OSDL and Free Standards Group merge - See document

2012-02-02   Busybox replacement




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