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Linux - IBM

1988-05-17   Foundation to Develop Open Software Environment - See document More
1988-05-17   AT&T Issues Statement Regarding Open Software Foundation - See document
1988-08-23   Software Group Chooses Cambridge, Mass. - See document

1989-01-02   OSF Founders Offer AT&T Unix Versions - See document

1990-10-23   OSF releases OSF/1 Version 1.0 - See document  More

1995-06-19   Irving Wladawsky-Berger, new GM of IBM RS/6000 Division - See document

1998-12-18   IBM Paints Linux Blue

1999-08-28   Bob Young to speak at LXNY meeting - See document  More
1999-10-01   IBM's secret Linux summit 
1999-12-18   S/390 Support Added to Linux 2.2 Kernel  More

2000-01-10   IBM to Use Linux System in Internet Software  More  More
2000-01-11   Next Generation e-business
2000-01-19   Irving Wladawsky-Berger to Address LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
2000-01-26   IBM exec touts Linux as key to Net evolution
2000-03-20   IBM Goes Countercultural With Linux
2000-04-27   Linux on S/390  [PDF]
2000-05-17   IBM Unveils Linux Software and Services for S/390 Server  More  More
2000-07-xx   The Advantages of Linux for S/390  [PDF]
2000-07-21   IBM launches $200 million Linux initiative in Europe
2000-08-02   IBM Introduces Pricing, Enhancements for Linux on S/390 Servers
2000-08-30   IBM launches $200 million Linux initiative in Asia Pacific
2000-08-30   IBM Kills Project Monterey - See document
2000-09-01   IBM Linux TV Commercial  [YouTube]  More
2000-09-28   Linux for S/390  [PDF]
2000-12-08   SMP Scalability  [PDF]  More
2000-12-12   IBM to Spend US$1 billion on Linux Next Year
2000-12-12   Lou Gerstner at eBusiness Conference Expo in New York City
2000-12-20   Robert LeBlanc, VP, IBM, Software Strategy

2001-01-31   Sam Palmisano at LinuxWorld 2001  More
2001-02-xx   Wladawsky-Berger writes about the Linux landscape
2001-02-22   Preparing today for Linux Tomorrow  1  2  3  4  5  [PDFs]
2001-04-23   IBM enhances its Web site featuring Linux information, activities
2001-06-xx   Behind the scenes at the IBM Linux Technology Center - See document
2001-06-15   Wladawsky-Berger at e-business Convention and Expo in San Jose, Ca
2001-08-15   Wladawsky-Berger at IBM Technical Developer Conference in San Francisco
2001-08-29   IBM Customer Day  More
2001-09-03   IBM Linux TV Commercial  [YouTube]  More
2001-11-20   IBM: Ready, Set, Linux!  [PDF]
2001-12-10   Big Blue's Big Bet on Free Software
2001-12-17   Aberdeen Group  More

2002-01-11   IBM Linux TV Commercial  [YouTube]  More
2002-01-23   Store chain is sold on Linux  [YouTube]  More
2002-01-29   IBM: Linux investment nearly recouped
2002-01-30   Bill Zeitler, IBM, at LinuxWorld, New York  More
2002-02-09   Big Blue Penguins  More  [PDFs]
2002-03-06   Dan Frye and the Linux Technology Center - See document
2002-04-16   IBM Drops $350 Million on New Ads
2002-05-08   IBM Senior Executive Calls Grids The Next Step In The Internet Revolution
2002-06-03   German Ministry of Interior Signs Cooperation with IBM to Move to Linux
2002-06-20   IBM Delivers Total Linux Solutions to Wall Street

2003-01-29   IBM: Linux is the 'logical successor'
2003-09-04   IBM Linux TV Commercial  [YouTube]  More  More

2004-01-14   IBM underscores Linux commitment with sponsorship  [PDF]  More
2004-03-xx   Chronicle Herald, IBM and Linux  [YouTube]  More  [PDF]
2004-04-xx   The IBM Linux Strategy  [PDF]
2004-06-07   IBM: Kill Bill
2004-08-xx   Linux Executive Report  [PDF]

2006-01-xx   Open Source and Linux
2006-06-14   Open Source and Competition in the Software Industry  [PDF]
2006-08-01   IBM and Novell Success Story: SLES 10  [PDF]
2006-10-xx   IBM's Pragmatic Embrace of Open Source  [PDF]
2006-12-xx   IBM and Novell: The SLES 10 Success Story  [PDF]

2007-07-xx   IBM and Novell: The SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Success Story  [PDF]
2007-07-11   IBM Pledges Free Access to Patents Involved in Implementing 150+ Standards

2009-02-03   Bob Sutor VP, Open Source and Linux

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