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2003-06-10   Novell's Open, Standards-based Computing Initiatives Gain Momentum
2003-06-12   Open Letter to Novell Customers - See document
2003-06-24   Novell Nterprise Linux Services Delivers Top Networking Services  More
2003-07-16   Novell Talks Open Source at AlwaysOn Innovation Summit
2003-08-04   Novell Acquires Ximian to Expand Linux Solutions and Open Source Commitment
2003-08-05   Novell and SuSE Provide enterprise Linux support services through cooperative support agreement
2003-08-18   Novell on Linux FAQ
2003-09-08   Novell Expands Customer Options for Open-Platform Computing at BrainShare Europe
2003-11-04   Novell to acquire SUSE, IBM to make $50 million investment in Novell
2003-11-24   The Strategic Value of Moving to Linux  [PDF]
2003-12-09   Novell Joins OSDL; Strengthens Broad Commitment to Linux

2004-01-13   Novell Completes Acquisition of SUSE
2004-01-13   Novell Supports Enterprise Linux Customers with New Linux Indemnification Program
2004-01-21   IBM and SUSE LINUX achieve a higher level of Linux security certification
2004-02-02   Novell Launches New Certifications to Promote Linux Adoption
2004-03-09   Novell Celebrates 20 Years of BrainShare with New Linux Focus
2004-03-18   Novell Releases First Commercial Linux Featuring 2.6 Kernel
2004-03-22   Novell BrainShare 2004 Promotes Enterprise Movement to Open Platform Computing
2004-03-22   Ahead of Schedule, Novell Builds Bridge Between SUSE LINUX and NetWare
2004-03-23   Novell Finalizes IBM Investment  More
2004-05-12   Novell Delivers Comprehensive Linux Technical Support
2004-09-13   Novell Open Enterprise Server Provides Advanced Services on Customers' Choice of Platforms
2004-10-12   Novell Supports Innovation, Competition in Open Source with Patent Policy  More  More

2005-02-15   IBM, Novell Complete Higher Level of Security Certification Evaluation for SUSE LINUX
2005-02-15   Novell Delivers Open Enterprise Server for Flexibility and Choice  More  [PPT]  More
2005-08-09   Novell Expands Worldwide Availability of Linux with the Launch of the openSUSE Project

2006-03-17   Novell Launches the 'Platform for the Open Enterprise' at BrainShare 2006
2006-07-17   SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 is now available worldwide
2006-08-10   Novell Renames Community Linux Distribution 'openSUSE'
2006-11-02   Microsoft, Novell Announce Collaboration on Windows and Linux Interoperability  More  More
2006-11-07   Novell Outlines Details of Agreement with Microsoft  More  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]
2006-11-12   Samba Team Asks Novell to Reconsider - See document
2006-11-20   Open Letter to the Community from Novell  More
2006-11-30   Novell Readies Customers and Partners for Linux-Based Open Enterprise Server 2
2006-12-04   Novell Boosts and Microsoft Office Interoperability
2006-12-12   Customers Strongly Endorse New Microsoft-Novell Deal  More

2007-01-23   Microsoft and Novell Alliance Embraced by Wal-Mart
2007-02-12   Microsoft and Novell Announce Technical Collaboration for Customers
2007-03-13   HSBC Taps Microsoft-Novell Agreement to Reduce Linux Cost and Complexity
2007-05-07   Dell Joins Microsoft and Novell Collaboration
2007-05-09   Numerous Customers Worldwide Realize Benefits of Microsoft-Novell Agreement
2007-05-14   Microsoft takes on the free world
2007-05-14   Fortune Magazine article
2007-05-23   Novell and the Electronic Frontier Foundation Team Up to Reform Software Patents
2007-09-11   BMW and Siemens Welcome Interoperability Benefits of Microsoft-Novell Agreement
2007-09-12   Microsoft and Novell Open Interoperability Lab
2007-10-08   Novell Delivers Open Enterprise Server 2 with Networking Services on Linux
2007-11-08   Microsoft and Novell Celebrate Year of Interoperability, Expand Collaboration Agreement

2008-01-30   Microsoft and Novell Provide Renault with Interoperability
2008-08-20   Microsoft and Novell Expand Successful Interoperability Relationship
2008-09-10   Microsoft and Novell Deliver Joint Virtualization Solution Through Partners

2009-03-04   Novell Ships SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
2009-11-09   Interoperability Advantages of Microsoft-Novell Collaboration

2010-11-22   Attachmate Corporation to Acquire Novell, Inc. 
2010-11-22   Novell Agrees to be Acquired by Attachmate Corporation

2011-04-20   CPTN Holdings LLC and Novell Inc. Change Deal
2011-04-27   The Attachmate Group Completes Acquisition of Novell
2011-04-27   Novell Completes Merger with Attachmate and Patent Sale to CPTN Holdings LLC
2011-07-25   Microsoft and SUSE Renew Successful Interoperability Agreement

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