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Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!sunic!!hydra!!torvalds
Subject: ET-4000 EVGA card questions
Message-ID: <>
Date: 4 Mar 91 23:08:09 GMT
Organization: University of Helsinki
Lines: 17

I'm the happy owner of a SVGA-board called Enhanced-VGA (no manufacturer
name anywhere) using the ET-4000 chip with 1MB video memory. I've got
two questions I'd like to have answered, and this group seems to be my
best bet:

1 - Any problems with a 11MHz IO-clock? I've a 33MHz 386 and am
currently running the bus at 8.33 MHz, but 11 would be nice if I can be
sure not to burn out anything (rams on the card are 100ns, any problem
with them at 1024x768x256 and additional cycles for updating?). I have
seen posts claiming (well one post) that et4000 can go 11MHz according
to some manual - anything on this special board?

2 - The updated manual I've gotten has bios-programming information (set
mode etc), but is there any way I could get a hardware-level programming
guide (electronically and free :-). I've got FTP-access. Anybody?

advTHANKSance Linus Torvalds

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