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Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!sunic!!fuug!!hydra!klaava!torvalds
From: torva...@klaava.Helsinki.FI (Linus Benedict Torvalds)
Subject: LL-Format on XT (orig PC?)
Summary: g=c800: 5 doesn't work
Keywords: Not IDE, don't worry : -)
Message-ID: <1991May28.120316.5768@klaava.Helsinki.FI>
Date: 28 May 91 12:03:16 GMT
Sender: Linus Torvalds
Organization: University of Helsinki
Lines: 24

Hello everybody.

I've got this problem with a old PC my sister just "inherited" (not from
me). It works ok, but much of the hard-disk shows unrecoverable
read-errors. I've marked them bad in the FAT by using PCTools, running
surface analysis over the nigt, but I'd rather try to LL-format the
drive while it's still relatively empty.

The disk is a ST-277R(-1) (65 Mb RLL, 805 tracks or something, don't have
the appropriate info here). The problem is that the controller doesn't
have the ll-f routine in ROM (ie g=c800:5 doesn't work, and neither do
the other, less likely addresses ([c8|d0|d8|e0]00:[5|6|13c|ccc].))

I've tried to find the "setup" (not CMOS setup, this isn't an AT, but a
program with the same name) program on the (few) disks that came with
the computer, and of course it isn't there. Can somebody send me a (free
:-) replacement, or point me to a ftp-archive from which one could find

advTHANKSance Linus Torvalds

PS. I won't be very interested in $$$-programs, but if there isn't
anything free, I'll look at other options too.

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