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Subject: Diversification of development
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 91 23:56:40 +0100
From: (Robert Blum)

Hello Linuxers!

Sorry for my last mail being very short, but writing mail at 300 baud *IS*
a pain. Now, there are a couple of things to be adressed.

1) Linux is undergoing a process of being spread across several countrys/
   FTP-servers. I recently read in a posting: If you want the blah binaries,
   just connect to the foo-server, etc.
   To keep a common environment for Linux, especially now where it is still
   say a bit more than beta, I'd suggest using a common set of tools. It
   is a pain to search a bug in the kernel which is only caused by a 
   different cpp or else. To create this set of common tools, I am offering
   the following to the Linux-community:
   Everyone who creates a new binary and makes it/the sources to it available
   to the net (via FTP) sends mail to me.
   I then take these things (sources and/or binaries) and make them available
   on tupac-amaru in a directory called beta. If the Linux community
   likes these tools (discussion on this list ?), I will move them to
   other subdirectories based on the subject. If the tools are replaced by
   better ones/ prove as not useful for the whole community, they will
   vanish from the server.
   If you would like such a service or want it organized in another way or
   anything else, just send mail to me or linux-activists for public 
   discussion. If the keepers(?) of the other two or three servers are
   willing to provide this service too, we could exchange. (Less work
   for me, more for you:-). 
   BTW,arl: The things I said about nic (NO MORE NIC PLEASE,etc.) weren't
   meant as a flame. You *ARE* doing a very good job there. But I just
   didn't know you were undergoing some reorganization, and I never have
   more than 1K/s to nic

   OK, feel free to mail me about the whole thing

2) I want to remind you about the Questions for a FAQ: What would you like
   to see?

3) Header-Files: I like the idea with /usr/include/classic and /usr/include/ansi
   with small files in /usr/include. If you like this too, I would start to
   work on it. (In fact, half of the work has already been done for making
   it possible that c386 compiles itself). Please mail, if you like this.
   Hey Linus, what do you think ?
   Another thing to suggest is defining a macro ARGS(x)
   #if __STDC__
   #define ARGS(x) (x)
   #define ARGS(x)
   and declaring functions with
   void function(ARGS(int x,int y,...));
   This would keep the amount of work smaller for changes in the includes.
   I personally prefer this even to /classic and /ansi because it's just
   one readable file.
   OK, Comments are welcome. As soon as the header files are ready, I will
   make them and the c386-sources and binaries available on tupac-amaru

4) Who is working on what? Could we please start to compile a list?
   I am currently working on 
   include-files classic style
   making Linux compileable with c386
   Please mail, I'll compile the answers

OK, this was a long mail and I think it's enough for this time.
Hopefully wawaiting your comments and answers,
  Robert Blum

Subject: Linux directory structure [Diversification of development]
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1991 02:46:16 +0200
From: Ari Lemmke <>
In-Reply-To: Robert Blum's message of Mon, 11 Nov 91 23:56:40 +0100

	I try to keep track on Linux at, but help
	is welcome ...

	After some thinking, I changed Linux FTP directory
	structure to be more understandable (just check nic's
	Minix directory /pub/minix !-)

		kernel		has kernel kits and device driver
		images		for all image files.
		bin		binaries to /bin and /usr/bin
		tools		binaries not usable for 'common' user.
		doc		documents and man-pages.
		lib		/lib and /usr/lib libraries.
		xtra		stuff not in previous categories.

	Comments are still welcome!

	I try to keep "ls -laR" listing in file 'ls-laR'. Informative
	README file is at main level. Fixes/suggestions to that are welcome.

	It is possible to "put" with FTP your fixes and add-ons to the main
	Linux directory - they will not be available/readable after
	putting ... not until I enable them (I try to find right
	place for them - still mostly to 'xtra' directory).


Subject: updated
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1991 06:30:07 +0200
From: Ari Lemmke <>

	Check README and ls-laR files! These constantly change ..

	lib contain new *.s (sig_restore.s and crt0.s) files,
	without those would be hard to create sw to Linux.

	bin has some new useful utilities, like kermit.

	I hope I can get init/getty/login system out within week or
	two. Earlier if there is a need for a really poor one ;-)


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