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Subject: FTP server changes and a TODO file
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 91 12:28:16 +0100
From: (Robert Blum)

Hi Linuxers!

I currently did some changes to the directory architecture of the FTP server

It contains now the following directories 
doc		Documents concerning Linux, installation etc.
images		The image-Files
binaries	Binaries running under Linux
ofiles		.o files (Currently, the 16-bit things)
installation	Tools for installing Linux (Currently: rawrite)
src/kernel	Sources for the kernel
src/utils	Small utilities, currently fsck

The kernel sources *DO NOT* contain Linus' new buffer.c (accidentally destroyed), 
so be *WARNED*. Using the current images or the current kernel sources for 
building a new kernel *MAY LEAD TO A CORRUPTED FILESYSTEM*

I hope Linus mails me the new sources and images as soon as V0.11 is available,
since I currently have no possibility to build a kernel. There are occuring
to much problems with the non-ANSI c386, but this bist is currently migrating to
ANSI, so things will change, I hope. (Other way to change would be to upgrade
to a 4Meg-Machine, but this would leave all those 2Meg freaks alone...).
Last way for c386 is the ansi2k&r converter, but to use this thing, Linus must
remove all inline-assembler from the includes, so I am waiting for his answer.
In the meantime: has someone some real mean ANSI-Prototypes to test the
prototypes implemented in c386?

Now, following is a first version of a TODO-File which is also available
at tupac-amaru (pub/msdos/replace is the linux-dir, BTW). I am awaiting your

OK, see you
  Robert Blum

This files contains the status of several tools for Linux

Currently ported projects:

Name:		ported by:				available at
bison			???? 

Projects currently under development:

Name:		ported by:				Remarks
c386	Is working under Linux
							Is currently teached 
							ANSI. Any help on this
							would be appreciated. 

gawk			Still needs a working