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Subject: Possible bug in termios.h?
From: "LCDR Michael E. Dobson" <>
To: (Linix Mailing LIst)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 91 10:15:10 EST

While working on a port of UUCP, I came across what may be a bug in the
<termios.h> file.  The values PARENB and PARODD where coming up undefined
even though termios.h had been included.  Checking the source against POSIX
1003.1-1988 we find:

Linux                     1003.1

c_cflag field             c_cflag field
CPARENB                   PARENB
CPARODD                   PARODD

It seems that we should be using the mask name symbols PARENB and PARODD to
be compliant with section of 1003.1

Any comments from the group?

PS: before flamming me for working on UUCP, I know we don't have
login/getty/uugetty nor do we have getlogin()/cuserid(), ttyname(),
cget*(), or cfset*().  Stay tuned!
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