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Subject: linux-0.11 available
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1991 17:51:24 +0200
From: Linus Benedict Torvalds <>

The subject says it all: I have uploaded linux version 0.11 to and tupac-amaru.  They won't show up for a while on nic,
but are already visible in pub/msdos/replace/incoming at amaru.  rtx-11
is so slow to use from here that I didn't upload them there: I guess
they'll show up within a couple of days (tytso?). 

The files uploaded were:
	bootimage.Z		- US keyboard compressed bootimage
	rootimage.Z		- 1200kB compressed root image
	linux-0.11.tar.Z	- sources
	as86.tar.Z		- linux binaries for bruce evans'
				  16-bit assembler and loader.
	INSTALL-0.11		- updated install-info

This version has a lot of corrections, and is stable at least on my
machine.  I /hope/ every known bug is fixed, but no promises (and all
unknown bugs are still there, probably with reinforcements ;-).  Those
who like to use caps lock as a ctrl-key, you'll have to re-patch the
kernel.  It's not implemented in the standard version.


PS. I'll be a bit busy with the #"$/% physics-course I'm taking, so I
might not be as active on the net this coming week as I would like to.

PPS.  corsini: the problem you have with the recompiled uemacs sounds
like it isn't resetting the ISIG bit in c_lflags when moving to raw
mode. Search for c_lflags in the source: it should effectively be set to
zero (I think) - no signals, no canonical mode etc.

Subject: ISIG bug already :-(
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1991 18:34:04 +0200
From: Linus Benedict Torvalds <>

It seems God hates me or something: 5 minutes after sending out
linux-0.11 I found a bug.  This one also explains why corsini has had
problems with uemacs: I had the meaning of ISIG reversed in the kernel. 
Happily the bug is not very important, and correcting it breaks /my/
version of uemacs, but I'm a bit shamefaced. 

The bug is in linux/kernel/char_drv/tty_io.c: search for the line
containing "if (!L_ISIG" and remove the incorrect "!".  I'll make a new
kernel binary available, as well as a new uemacs.  Hopefully nobody ever
even gets to see the bad versions.

I guess we'll have to rename the system: wirzeniu already suggested the
name "buggyx" :-)


PS. Apologies to corsini for thinking he did something wrong.

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