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Subject: VM, version 0.12
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1991 19:51:45 +0200
From: Linus Benedict Torvalds <>

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Ho, ho ho, and a happy X-mas/chanukah/whatever to you all.  I'm probably
mailing to a lot of non-listening mail-boxes, but who cares. 

This is a warning for all you out there making changes to the linux
kernel: if you want your changes to be in 0.12, I want them by early
January (5th-10th ta the latest).  As it looks now, 0.12 will be out
about 15th of January, and will contain at least these new things:

- POSIX job control (by tytso, alpha-release available already)
- VM (by me - I'll probably make alphas available after X-mas)
- Various small corrections (by me, tytso, jtkohl, drew etc)
- Anything else people send me.

I got VM working today (not bad in two days if I may say so :-), but
haven't really tested extensively.  I tried some compilations (I remade
uemacs) on a 2M machine (or rather a 8M machine, of which Linux sees
only 2M), and it worked (gcc, make, bash etc in memory ar the same
time), albeit slowly.  There are probably still problems, but it seems
VM will definitely be in 0.12. 

Note that the earlier I get your fixes, the easier it will be to
implement them all: if I get many fixes 0.12 may be a little late, so
the January 15th date isn't really fixed.  Also, after releasing 0.12
I'll probably have to study a bit harder than I did this autumn (which
isn't hard per se :-), which may mean that the new releases won't be
coming once per month or so any more.  Hopefully 0.12 will be good
enough to use.

	Linus "Ugly X-mas trees are my speciality" Torvalds

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