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Subject: virtual consoles working.
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 91 17:00:15 PST
From: pmacdona@sol.UVic.CA (Peter MacDonald)

Hi and merry Xmas.

This note is coming to you from the virtual console of Linux.
Yep.  I have virtual consoles working under linux.

Although this is based upon Gordon Irlams minix patches, virtually
no code from there was actually used.  This is more a product of
minix's message passing kernel being so different from Linux's 
unified approach than by design.  But I am trying to adapt
as much of his setterm program as possible, so that a user interface
for setting colors and the like is available.  To get around the
problem of no init/login I am using the "doshell" program
posted here earlier.  Actually, for standalone machines I
think I prefer it over getty/login.

I will post the patches to 0.11 as soon as I have tested a little
more, and had a chance to bundle it up. 

I also have done all of the design and coding, but none of the
testing on a select call, adapted from Mathius Lauttiners design.
But as Proven has requested, I will probably wait until after 0.12
is out before going any further with that.  Getting a peek at your
VFS patches early, thought might help.

It's funny how things work out.  I was working on select, started
eyeing how they might interact with pty's, and realized that 
virtual consoles would probably still be desirable after ptys,
as well as being easier to do.

Anyways, have a good christmas all.  I am heading to the ski slopes
so I know I'll have fun.  Hope you do to.

Subject: virtual consoles: part 2
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 91 00:50:21 PST
From: pmacdona@sol.UVic.CA (Peter MacDonald)

concatenate these to the previous message.

Subject: virtual consoles
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 91 00:49:18 PST
From: pmacdona@sol.UVic.CA (Peter MacDonald)

Here is PART 1 of the patchs to allow Virtual consoles under linux.
I am posting these patches because xmas is here, and I will not
be..., so use at your own risk.

They are mailed in two parts, because who knows what vicious
mailers await out there.  

Concatenate the two file, uudecode them, then unshare them.

The readme file will guide you from there.


Subject: console fix, plus vt100 graphic char support
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 91 18:21:19 PST
From: pmacdona@sol.UVic.CA (Peter MacDonald)

The following patch fixes a bug in console that prevented saving 
and restoring cursor position from working.

It also adds support for the vt100 graphics characters like
boxes, tees, lines etc. (Thus my all-in-one screen is correct.)
Now if I could just get the keyboard to act like a vt220...

Apply the patch to kernel/chr_drv/console.c, in addition to
my previous virtual consoles patch.  BTW if anyone wants to
take a crack at making the character attributes work correctly
in all cases, be my guest.


Subject: ps, and some vc junk.
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 92 00:04:08 PST
From: pmacdona@sanjuan.UVic.CA (Peter MacDonald)

I have all of the features of VC working again, including
screen blanking, screen dumping and using memory buffers so
more consoles than your single page of video memory will allow
can be used.  These buffers use kernel memory, but would have
been required when a windowing system comes along anyways.
The unpleasant juddering of the screen when scrolling is also
eliminated.  Does anyone else see this or is it just me?
Also, terminal reset is fixed.  It wasn't resetting back from
graphics char mode.  Finally, I got rid of the check in 
setterm.c for the terminal type.  But since setterm wasn't 
distributed with .12, it won't affect to many people.

I will probably not release it for a few more days, so I can 
test it some more, and figure out whats going on with 
vt100 graphics chars, but if you are desperate to alpha test,
drop me a note.  The patches are not too extensive, and the
main goal was to disturb .12 as little as possible.

I have also written a poor persons version of ps.  Actually,
it is more like a skeleton.  But it correctly gets info from
the kernel, and runs as a standalone program rather than being.  
driven by function keys. 

However, it should be made to look more like what
people are used to.  If someone wants to volunteer to take
it and extend it to have all the nice options, let me know.
I think ps is one of those very system specific functions that
we can not pull in from GNU.  But, if you have an idea of
what it should be modelled after (Sun?) speak up now.

I am announcing all this so hopefully, duplication is avoided.

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