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Subject: Please put me on the mailing list of LINUX.
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1991 00:06:08 +0200
From: Ari Lemmke <>
In-Reply-To: Rwo-Hsi Wang's message of Thu, 26 Dec 1991 01:22:05 -0600 

>Rwo-Hsi (

	We will NOT allow any request posting to the mailing list,
	not this kind of noise to the mailing list, please.

	The _only_ address for the requests (unsubscribe or
	subscribe, address changes etc.) is:

	We have about 110 Linux activists on the list, and the
	groving rate is about 10/week.

	I suggest, that everybody sends mail: 'Why should I know
	that?' to the ignorant ones (I usually do). The only way in
	network anarchy is everyone beeing active [your right]. ;-)



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