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Subject: termcap and SIGWINCH
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1992 22:21:53 GMT


I am planning to port pcomm to Linux. But I am not sure if libc.a has
all I need to do it. I am concerned about termcap. Is the termcap in
libc.a the subset of the real thing? If it is, I may be in trouble.

I noticed that there is no SIGWINCH. Is it going to be implemented in
the future?

I checked BASH_VERSION in /bin/sh and bash. /bin/sh says 0.00.7 and bash
says 0.00.3. Which shell is bash 1.11?

I took a look at the BSD vi source codes (version 3.7). I didn't see
any AT&T copyright notice. Is that AT&T free? I hope I am right. I
really miss the real vi. Any comments on this?

BTW, I just compiled strings. It works fine. Anybody interested? I may
post the diffs or binary.

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