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From: mrs@netcom.COM (Morgan Schweers)
Subject: Legal status of BSD porting?
Date: 1 Feb 92 13:46:15 GMT

    I've been porting a *BUNCH* of BSD stuff, so I can finally get init/login
working, and I've suddenly wondered...  Can I do that?  It *LOOKS* okay from
the headers, since I'm only making a few mods here and there, and commenting
them as my changes, it should be okay, right?

    After all, I'd hate to have a fully working system, then discover that
it's illegal!  *grin*

    Needless to say, I'm porting getpass, syslog, etc., and have been
browsing* for a while now.  The brain is
slowly going into overload, and I haven't even looked at the Kernel yet!

                                                --  Morgan Schweers
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