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Subject: Help: bug in ld(?) and where I can find its source code
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1992 22:54:24 GMT


I am trying to compile GNU's binary utilities 1.9. Everything works
fine, except ld, which reports "virtual memory exhausted". The one I
ftped works. I was wondering if there is a bug in ld.c. Does anyone
know where I can find the source codes for the binary utilities on
those ftp sites.

I have cross-compiled gcc 1.40 with 387 support from the scratch. I
have built a full libm.a and replaced the buggy estdio with DJ's (BSD)
stdio. I have got everything run, except ld. I have to use the old one.
But I'd like to compile it with my new gcc.

I appreciate any help.

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