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From: (Hongjiu Lu -- Graduate Student)
Subject: Help: need someone to test a new gcc 1.40
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 92 20:04:28 GMT


I just finished a new gcc compiler and a new set of libraries which are
supposed to solve all the floating point number problems as well as the
problems caused by the brain-damaged estdio. With a 387, you can also
get a full libm.a.

It is working now with a 387. It is supposed to work without a 387
under 0.12 kernel. I need someone to test them on a machine without a
387. I prefer someone who has ftp access and is close to me. If anyone
is interested, please drop me a note.


Subject: no subject (file transmission)
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1992 23:53:38 GMT


The new gcc 1.40 is officially released. The new gcc supports 387 and
has a better I/O/library.

For those of you with a 387, there is a libm.a which has all math
functions. And there is libsoft.a for those of you without a 387.

There are two files on One is newgcc.tar.Z which has
all the binaries and the header files. Another is newlibc.tar.Z which
has the source codes for the libraries. These libraries are different
from you have now. If you use this gcc, please dump the esdtio.

Some header files will be overwritten by the ones in this package.

Please do read README in newlibc.tar.Z before install it. There are
some information you don't want to miss.

Good luck.


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