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From: obz@sisd.sisd.Kodak.COM (Orest Zborowski)
Subject: emacs interactive shell not working
Reply-To: nobody@Kodak.COM
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1992 16:16:56 GMT

        i've been using emacs successfully for quite a while but i haven't
been able to get the interactive shell capabilities working. i've applied all
the select/nonblock patches which came with the emacs distribution and
others i've found on tsx-11, but the problem has not gone away.

        when i've changed my SHELL variable to point to some program, it
produces output, but reports that the tty is not some device in /dev! i looked
into the emacs sources and the diffs, but could not find anything which would
be screwed up by the patches. i've switched the tty/pty numbers, and obviously
things work to some extent because i can perform a shell-command and this
debugging program does produce output [no input, as this is probably why
bash won't run].

        grateful for any suggestions...

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