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From: (cs87ejh)
Subject: interim
Date: 25 Feb 92 18:18:54 GMT

Is anybody prepared to make an interim distibution of Linux (ie something
between .12 and .13|.95.

I am getting snowed under different libraries, floating point, compilers
and patches.  It would be nice to have a complete set of patched kernel,
libraries etc at a decent version.

I am also trying to port tcsh and am having considerable problems with
signals, and control is never returned to the tty when an external command
is executed in the foreground.  I think both of these would be fixed if I
have applied the correct patches.


|     Roger Binns    Brunel University - UK              |
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From: (A. V. Le Blanc)
Subject: Re: interim release
Date: 3 Mar 92 09:23:19 GMT

In article <> (cs87ejh) writes:
>Is anybody prepared to make an interim distibution of Linux (ie something
>between .12 and .13|.95.
>I am getting snowed under different libraries, floating point, compilers
>and patches.  It would be nice to have a complete set of patched kernel,
>libraries etc at a decent version.

Several people have requested that an interim version of linux
be made available.  I have been working on this for some time,
but the idea of having a tidy distribution with readme files
and full instructions is apparently out of reach due to lack
of time.  I have in any case decided to make my day-to-day
interim versions available in the directory pub/linux/mcc-interim
on the same machine.  It currently contains three subdirectories:
disks, patches, and sources.
I do not want to cause a lot of hassle with this, but please
let me know if any changes should be made.  I have not applied
all possible patches, but I have included quite a few, including
swapon, poe-igl, and other updates.
     -- Owen

From: (A. V. Le Blanc)
Subject: Re: Linux-0.95
Date: 9 Mar 92 09:28:45 GMT

A copy of the new release 0.95 of Linux is available by
anonymous ftp from [] in the directory
pub/linux.  Except for the local additions in directories mcc-*,
this directory mirrors with the
following qualifications (at the moment):

        INCLUDE/bootimage.Z is named INCLUDE/bootimage-0.95.Z
        INCLUDE/rootimage.Z is named INCLUDE/rootimage-0.95.Z
        kernel/include.tar.Z is named kernel/include-0.12.tar.Z
        tools/fsck.c is named tools/fsck.c.old

Please feel free to comment or make suggestions to me.

     A. V. Le Blanc
     University of Manchester

From: (A. V. Le Blanc)
Subject: Miscellaneous sources
Date: 9 Mar 92 09:58:09 GMT

I have been trying to collect the sources for various programs
which have been distributed for Linux.  In pub/linux/interim/sources
on [] I have placed the file misc.tar.Z
which contains the sources and Makefile for df, swapon, fdisk,
strings, kill, setterm, fsck, mkfs, mkswap, and stty.

(1)  I should very much like to include other missing sources.
     Among the binaries distributed with Linux, there do not
     seem to be sources for od, passwd, rootdev, sync, and update.
     There are also no sources for Bruce Evans's as86 and ld86.
(2)  More and more bits will be added to this file in time, I
     expect.  Please feel free to contribute suggestions and
     source.  I'll be glad to distribute big source separately.

     -- Owen

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