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From: (Alan B Clegg)
Subject: Request for Sources for ABC Release of Linux .95a
Date: 23 Mar 92 17:24:05 GMT

Now that .95a is out, I am preparing the "ABC Release of Linux of .95a".  This
will be comprised of full source and binary for as many software packages as I
can find, including compilers, utilities, games, user applications, and
whatever else you are willing to send me!

Distribution of the "ABC Release of Linux .95a" will be completely free, and
will be available for anonymous FTP from, when it becomes
available.  I may also offer floppy-disk based distribution at a cost-recovery
price, but that has not yet been established.

I will *NOT* be distributing a root or boot diskette, as they are already
being done.  Source for the kernel *WILL* be included in the distribution.

Now, the request:

        Anyone having ported a package to Linux that you would like to
        see in the "ABC Release of Linux .95a", please upload the *SOURCE*
        to the directory /private/ABC.Release on

        Please make the sources into a single tar file including a README,
        a Makefile, and instructions on building and installing the package.
        Please also note any dependancies on other packages.  The packages
        should follow the Linux File System Standard 1.0 for placement of
        supporting files.

        The sources will be put into the directory tree under /usr/src and
        will then become standard parts of the ABC Release of Linux .95a.

I will *ONLY* take packages that are uploaded to banjo, as I am not sure of
the lineage of many of the packages that are currently available in the 
archives.  If you have ported software, SEND IT TO ME!

I am asking for SOURCE since I will be distributing both sources and binaries,
and I would like to assure that it can be built under the current version of
Linux.  If you have ported a package that you would like to have distributed
in BINARY FORM ONLY, please let me know.

All sources will remain the "property" of the person that did the port, and
that person (NOT ME!) will be responsible for keeping me up-to-date on any
changes that are made to that package.  I will be acting only as a coordinator,
and will not modify sources at all.  If a package does not compile/install/run,
I will notify the person that did the port, and wait for a new version that
does work.

Patches may be made available at a later time to allow easy upgrades to the
"most current version" of the packages, but I expect in the short term to just
replace the old version with the new ones and make an announcement.

--                         Alan Clegg - Network Programmer
KD4JML (just my luck!)                  MCNC -- Center for Communications

From: (Alan B Clegg)
Subject: Unfortunate, but true....
Date: 8 Apr 92 18:04:09 GMT

I will *NOT* be producing the "ABC Release of Linux .95a" before I go on
vacation.  I am currently over-whelmed by work, and won't have free-time
before leaving on Saturday morning.

In the off-chance that I do get some time, it will be devoted to getting
my scsi disk back working again, as that is where the sources that I have
so-far compiled are living... 8-(

--                         Alan Clegg - Network Programmer
KD4JML (just my luck!)                  MCNC -- Center for Communications

From: (Alan B Clegg)
Subject: Linux available for FTAM (yes, full OSI protocol stack)
Date: 14 May 92 17:05:11 GMT

Well, with everyone talking about FTP problems from the UK, I figured I could
throw another confusing protocol into the fray:

CONCERT Network is now fully connected with CLNP to the Internet, allowing me
to make Linux available for anonymous FTAM.

The entry for the ISODE/SunNET OSI compliant isoentities table is:

banjo   default NULL    #1/NS+47000580ffff0000000b0100010800200b49b000|\

The userid is "ANON" with no password.

If you actually use this facility, let me know how it works...

--                         Alan Clegg - Network Programmer
The Future:  Live it or live with it!   MCNC -- Center for Communications

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