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From: obz@sisd.Kodak.COM (Orest Zborowski)
Subject: x11r5 status and gcc2.1...
Reply-To: obz@sisd.Kodak.COM
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1992 07:10:00 GMT

just wanted to let people know that i was still alive and well and hacking
on x386. the biggest problems have been going to linux0.95a and gcc2.1.
there were some problems with floats, as hlu has pointed out and linus
corrected, and other problems with struct assignments.

the good news is that i can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel...
my mmap code still works as does my io bitmap stuff (i won't bother to
upload them until i can get x going, i still have a pet project to enhance
the vm handling in linux, a la sunos). if people really are interested or
wanna call my bluff, i can put it up sooner (;-)

once things tend to work more often than not i will reach those who have
good socket emulators and other goodies and may put pre-pre alpha binaries
for those who just can't wait...

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