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From: pmacdona@sanjuan (Peter MacDonald)
Subject: X, oleo, and shoelace
Date: Fri, 15 May 92 17:25:07 GMT

Apologies in advance for the potpourri, but this newsgroup
is getting so busy, I am trying to minimize my postings.

First, seems I can not start X as root anymore.  The video mode is 
so  screwed up, my screen shuts down.  User mode works fine.
Also the "su" command doesn't work under X.  I see the password 
as I type it, but it rejects my login.  Could be old SW, as I haven't
got the root disk lately.

Next, has anyone else who has no coprocessor, tried running "xv"?
It works fine for me until I go into the "coledit" area, then
my machine locks up tight.  Could this be a floating point problem?

Oleo has a big problem.  Copying areas doesn't usually adjust cells correctly.
I notice copying above the current area works, but below only adjusts the
column address and not the row address (aaargh). I will look at it this

Now shoelace.  The port I did of shoelace is partial, at best.  Loading
kernel by parts is definitely a Minix anachronism.  Also setting
bootdev, rootdev, etc may or may not work since device numbers do
not always map exactly from Linux to Minix.  I have used shoelace since
I ported it, but don't get to attached to it.  It reads the file system
directly and only understands Minix FS type.  When VFS comes, and
you use a big partition as your boot partition (to get long filenames), 
it will fail.

And of course, I provided almost no documentation with the port, mainly
because most of the features don't work.  The only reason I ported it at
all was that at the time, many utilities were missing from Linux, so I
had to keep my Minix partition around, which meant I couldn't repartition
my drive for a Linux boot partition.