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Newsgroups: comp.os.linux
From: Eric Youngdale <>
Subject: Kernel patch - VT100 response for \033[c
Organization: The Internet
Date: Sat, 23 May 1992 02:41:01 GMT

	The console.c in the kernel currently responds with the vt100 sequence
("\033[1;2c") whenever the escape sequence \033Z is received.  It turns out
that many DEC terminals also respond in the same way when the sequence \033[c
sequence is received.  The enclosed patch adds this functionality. 
Interestingly enough, console.c mentions this secondary escape sequence where
REPORT is defined, however this was never implemented.


*** console.c.~1~	Wed May  6 17:59:38 1992
--- console.c	Fri May 22 22:06:14 1992
*** 799,804 ****
--- 799,807 ----
  					case 'u':
+ 					case 'c':
+ 						respond(currcons,tty);
+ 						break;
  					case 'l': /* blank interval */
  					case 'b': /* bold attribute */
  						if (!((npar >= 2) &&

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