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From: pmacdona@sanjuan (Peter MacDonald)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux
Subject: Accolade for the invisible
Date: 28 May 92 00:53:57 GMT
Organization: University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, CANADA

People are always extending thanks to Linus for the os and Obz for X, but few
mention Hlu for gcc/libs.  Months ago,  when shared libs were just being hacked
out, and gcc2 was on the horizon, it became clear that the libs were in a 
shifting state.  Hlu has done a tremendous amount of work coordinating patches,
modifying and maintaining the shared libs design, and of course porting Gcc.

Just felt something should be said for the excellent job well done, partly
because at that time I considered (and rejected) taking it on myself.

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