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From: (H. Peter Anvin N9ITP)
Subject: Current Status of the Linus fund
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Organization: You must be kidding!
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Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1992 03:25:01 GMT
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Hello everyone.

This is the current status of the Linus collection for the USA. The Linus
collection came about then Linus in one of his postings (explaining why
Linux is freeware) mentioned he still ispaying installments on his PC. My
role in the whole play is to cluster contributions to reduce
exchange/transfer fees from the U.S. to Finland.

Note that I will not ask Linus for any accounting; as one contributor wrote
this is the "Linus Torvalds Discretionary Malt and Semiconductor Fund",
meaning that for all we care Linus might as well buy beer (a.k.a. hacker
fuel) for the money -- and use the money he would buy beer for to pay off
his computer instead.

This is *not* a registration fee; you will really get *nothing* in return
for contributing. Linux is as free as it has always been, and you will
*not* get better support or anything by contributing.

Because of a campus mail snafu and the current state of the dollar vs.
Finnish currenncy, I have waited a bit longer with sending anything than I
expected. If you still want to contribute, however, PLEASE SEND ME E-MAIL
SO I KNOW TO WAIT. (Address at the end of this message.)

To date I have received the following contributions. If you have not
received a personal confirmation your mail bounced somewhere along the way,
or you didn't include your e-mail address.

J. Moore $100
P. Anglin $50
J. Lynch $50
R. Almquist $10
J. Montgomery $25
D. Black $50
M. Ng $100
H. Noguchi $20
J. White $50
Total so far $455

If you haven't already done so and wish to contribute, send a check made
out to me (Peter Anvin) to:

Linus Collection
c/o Peter Anvin
EECS department
Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Road rm 2657
Evanston, IL 60208-3118

[NOTE: I can only take U.S. currency; if you live outside the U.S. your
best bet is sending it directly to Linus unless you can transfer money into
U.S. dollars more cheaply.]

Please send me an e-mail as well, as the mail here is rather slow and since
I will be cashing the checks rather soon.

The check must be made out to me so I can cash them and transfer the money.

Write your e-mail address on the check, so I can send you a confirmation
note, and if you don't want your name published, include some "identifier"
that I can post that you will recognize.

I will post the complete accounting when I have sent the money so everyone
can verify I haven't pocketed any.

Thanks to all contributors and everyone that has had their hand in in the
making of this wonderful OS!


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