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From: mdw@theory.TC.Cornell.EDU (Matt Welsh)
Subject: Linux Documentation Project
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1992 03:09:05 GMT

I'm sending this out to the newsgroup as well, to snag anyone who's 
interested and not already on the mailing-list. 

The following is a summary of the status of the Documentation work being
done on the DOC channel of the mailing list.
See the FAQ for instructions on how to join the list. :)

The Linux Documentation Project is currently underway. We are working in
concert to produce the "standard"/"official" set of Linux documentation
as per Lars Wirzenius' outline for the project, discussed on the DOC
channel of linux-activists. 

The documentation will basically consist of a set of "Books" or individual
documents, each covering a different topic. The main documents in the series
that this point are the Installation and Setup Guide, the User's Manual,
and the System Administrator's Guide. Other documents, such as the Kernel
Hacker's Guide and a yet-to-be-written Programmer's Guide, will also be
incorporated into the project.

The DOC channel of linux-activists serves as the discussion group for this
project. We will all work together to write, edit, and review the documentation
associated with this project. Moreover, Lars Wirzenius 
( been "appointed" as the main "coordinator" of 
this project, and will help to mae sure that the individual efforts are in 
synch and that everyone's happy. 

In addition, each individual document in the series has its own coordinator.
The coordinator for the User's Guide is currently Larry Greenfield 
( and the coordinator for the Installation and
Getting Started Guide is myself ( Other documents have
their own respective coordinators as well, but they will all be released 
through one effort, with Lars overseeing. This organization is in an effort
to bring together and coordinate a standard, reliable, and up-to-date set of
Linux documentation.

The documentation I'm referring to here aren't man pages and other on-line
docs; that's a different ballgame altogether. However, we're hoping that the
docs produced through the Doc Project will be converted to online format
(the standard format will be LaTeX, which filters are being written for to
convert to other formats if needed).

Basically, anyone who wants to help write or work with this project in
any way is welcome to join the DOC channel of linux-activists. If you'd
like to contribute to a particular document, mail that document's coordinator.
We're always looking for more help, so don't be shy. :) It's a very open

Lars should be sending out a summary copy of his Doc Project Outline, along 
with the coordinators for the various sections, sometime soon (right, Lasu? :)).

Please feel free to ask any questions or make comments on the above. That's
just a summary of what's going on now.


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