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Newsgroups: comp.os.linux
From: (Mike Jagdis)
Path: sparky!uunet!pipex!demon!purplet!jaggy
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] System V-a-like boot 'n run levels
Organization: FidoNet node 2:252/305 - The Purple Tentacle, Reading
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1992 22:53:00 +0000
Message-ID: <>
Lines: 47

Ok, I got bored today so I took a look at the Sys V type init that comes 
with admutils 1.4. There were a few problems there the worst of which was 
that it could be knocked into an infinite loop soaking up system resources. 
Anyway, I seem to have it working and built some System V like boot up 
scripts and run level setup scripts.

  So... Uploaded to and is sysvboot.taz 
(and also Freq'able from 2:252/305 as sysvboot.taz) which contains init and 
shutdown programs modified from the admutils 1.4 source and compiled against 
the jump table shared libraries, a patch file of the changes made and a set 
of scripts to do the biz.

  1. Read the README file. READ THE README FILE!
  2. Make SURE you can boot from floppy and mount your hard disk
     in case of emergency.
  3. Run the INSTALL script

  The INSTALL script is rather verbose. Read what it says. READ WHAT IT 
SAYS. It gives plenty of opportunity for you to shell out check what's being 
done and then continue. I tried to trap most potential problems but I'm not 
(fortunately) omniscient so don't trust me at all :-). Unless you have made 
major changes to what your system does during a boot everything should be 

  The scripts replace the old rc, rc.local and even scripts and 
provide for checking filesystems at boot time (or not if you do a fastboot), 
mounting filsystems, configuring swap partitions, configuring tcp, starting 
and stopping tcp daemons, some news startup if you have the relevent bits, 
cleaning temporary directories and more.

  Most of the configuration information used comes from easily understood 
files in /etc/default or, in the case of filesystems, /etc/fstab. No need to 
even try and read all the scripts unless that's how you get your kicks :-).

  Oh, and the tcp start up caters for loopback only systems (i.e. no 
ethernet card to configure). It's in the README...

  Additions/bug fixes to the scripts are welcome of course :-)

  I'll send the patches for init to whoever produced admutils just as soon 
as I find the address (poe?)...


DISCLAIMER: It seems to work for *me*. What's *your* problem?

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