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From: (Dan the Man)
Subject: Is Linux compatable?
Date: 27 Nov 92 19:59:20 GMT

     Is Linux compatable with anything?  Unix?  Xenix?  386BSD?  Even

Paranoid about switching platforms....

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From: wirzeniu@klaava.Helsinki.FI (Lars Wirzenius)
Subject: Re: Is Linux compatable?
Date: 28 Nov 92 18:48:12 GMT (Dan the Man) writes:
>     Is Linux compatable with anything?  Unix?  Xenix?  386BSD?  Even

Completely uncompatible with Unix.  It is a CP/M clone.


No, actually it is a Unix clone.  It is fairly compatible with both
SYSV, BSD, and POSIX, and getting better (somebody finds a bug or
incompatibility, and it will often be fixed in the next release).

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