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From: (Johan A. Grape)
Subject: BSD lpr/lpd and serial lw - help help help
Date: 28 Dec 92 17:03:37 GMT

Well, this thread seemed to die....  I still can't get the
daemon to print anything.

My setup:

kernel 0.99pl0 w/ tcp/ip compiled in.
apple personal laserwriter on ttys2
BSD lpr binaries from tsx-11

/usr/etc/printcap entry:
lp|local laserwriter:\

/usr/etc/lp*  setuid root, setgid daemon
/usr/spool/lw setuid daemon, setgid daemon.

daemon is in /etc/passwd & /etc/group

/dev/ttys2 is setuid daemon  (have tried with setuid root too)

/usr/etc/inet/hosts.lpr  contains the line:
brunhilda       (my machine - don't ask)

I also have 
/usr/etc/inet/hosts.equiv with

My problem is:  lpr spools, but the daemon never tries to print.

Does anyone have a working setup similar to this?
Help would be greatly appreciated.


From: pmacdona@sanjuan (Peter MacDonald)
Subject: Re: BSD lpr/lpd and serial lw - help help help
Date: 28 Dec 92 18:21:11 GMT

In article <> (Johan A. Grape) writes:
>Well, this thread seemed to die....  I still can't get the
>daemon to print anything.

The next release of SLS will have lpr setup.  But the released
lpr doesn't work with the libc.4.2 (because of the stupid
net code being moved).   So if you are using it the daemon 
won't run.

I got it working, but it is a little finicky.  

Also, I want to collect together printcap entries.  But want
to be able to send out init codes, bold codes etc just like
termcap.   Does printcap support this (docs don't say).  If
not, I would like to extend it to do so.

Looks like I will have to look at the source for lpr.


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