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From: bf703@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Patrick J. Volkerding)
Subject: Want an SLS like .99pl11A system?
Date: 11 Jul 1993 17:53:15 GMT
Reply-To: bf703@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Patrick J. Volkerding)

Well, that's good, because I put one together. It does not yet have
XFree-86 1.3, but give me about 2 days and it will. This is not like
the MCC release, rather, it is a big system, even more bloated than
SLS :^)

Currently it has all of the same features as SLS 1.02, with these

1. The newest FAQ
2. Simplified installation procedure.
3. Kernel level .99 pl 11 Alpha.
4. libs and includes at 4.4.1, (without the limits.h problem)
5. GCC at 2.4.3 (may be 2.4.5 soon)
6. Net-2 TCP/IP preconfigured for loopback.
7. Public domain ksh and tcsh 6.04.
8. command line JPEG utilities.

On the X side, XV 3.00 has been added.

Now here's the deal: there are 13 disks in the 'A' series (same as SLS
A, B, and C) and 10 in the X series. I don't have any way to offer this
system publicly. If I tried to put it up on our 3b2 it would kill it.

This system has been used among my associates here since we put the
first one together back at pl8. Our original goal was just to debug the
SLS releases, but those have been slowing down and we happened to get a
jump on things.

I'd like to hear from you if this package sounds appealing. If demand is
not too strong, I may test releasing it on the 3b2 here. 

If you have an archive site for it, LET ME KNOW! I'll set you up with a
copy of it to put up for FTP.

Take care,

Patrick Volkerding

From: bf703@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Patrick J. Volkerding)
Subject: Re: Want an SLS like .99pl11A system?
Date: 12 Jul 1993 18:03:19 GMT
Reply-To: bf703@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Patrick J. Volkerding)

Hey now!

First off, *thanks* for the responses. I got so many that if I answered
them all personally, well, let's say it would put me anonther week
behind :^)

As timing would have it, the test release of SLS at 99pl11A was
announced shortly after I made my initial offer. As a result, I'm going
to take the next couple of days to bring my package up to XFree86-1.3,
gcc 2.4.5, and in general make sure that everything works properly. I
want to do this right. Some new features like 'quota' have been added to
SLS as well, and I want to properly 'absorb' these into the package.

A few of you were kind enough to offer FTP space. I will get back to you

The package will be known as the 'Slackware' linux release. (more
features *and* more slack!) Internal betas had been up as high as
version 1.3, but I'm going to reset it to 1.0 for the first public

I plan to keep the package as current as possible. If I don't get a job
soon, I imagine this won't be too much trouble ;^)

Stay tuned!

Patrick Volkerding

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