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From: (Doerrsam)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.admin
Subject: [Q] shared memory and message-queues
Date: 1 Oct 1993 08:57:29 GMT
Organization: University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Lines: 26
Sender: Volker Doerrsam
Message-ID: <28grdp$>
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Keywords: linux kernel ipc shared memory message-queues


I'm still a little bit confused where I should locate this query.
I hope this newsgroup fits.

The problem I run into is that we program some interprocess SW which
passes messages in between some processes and the processes use a
shared memory too. Since Linux hasn't a tool like 'ipcs' or 'iprm' 
the only way to get rid of unusable queues and shared memory 
is a reboot! :-\

Does anybody know how I can handle this problem in a more accurate way?
Or is there somewhere a free bundle of 'ipc' tools? 


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From: gt81...@prism.gatech.EDU (Howlin' Bob)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.admin
Subject: Re: [Q] shared memory and message-queues
Keywords: linux kernel ipc shared memory message-queues
Message-ID: <114356@hydra.gatech.EDU>
Date: 1 Oct 93 15:45:11 GMT
References: <28grdp$>
Sender: n...@prism.gatech.EDU
Lines: 17 (Doerrsam) writes:

>shared memory too. Since Linux hasn't a tool like 'ipcs' or 'iprm' 
>the only way to get rid of unusable queues and shared memory 
>is a reboot! :-\

You need to get the ipcdelta.tgz file from in
/pub/linux/patches, I think.  I once suggested to Rik Faith he
include ipcs and ipcrm in his Linux utility packages, but
since he hasn't made a new release since then...

Robert Sanders
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
uucp:	  ...!{decvax,hplabs,ncar,purdue,rutgers}!gatech!prism!gt8134b

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