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Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
From: Robert Wolf <>
Subject: Linux Conference NYC
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 1994 16:30:17 GMT
Approved: (Matt Welsh)

Linux Conference
New York, NY, May 11, 1994- For immediate release.

Linux will be discussed at a conference at 5.30-9pm on May 
11th,  6th Floor, IBM Building, 590 Madison Avenue, New York 

The conference will be a great opportunity to meet and discuss 
issues with other Linux users and developers in the New York 
City Region.
The conference will include:
-The opportunity to meet other Linux users
-Linux Question and Answer session.
-Panel discussion of Linux Development: Where it is today and 
where it is headed.
  Panel Guests are:
  Charles Rawls- The head of the Dorsai Embassy, a public
  access Internet site in New York City.
  Michael Johnston- President of Morse Telecommunications,
  publishers of the Morse Linux Quarterly CD ROM.
  Bob Young- Editor/Publisher of NY UNIX and founding
  Publisher of the Linux Journal.   

-While this conference is not intended as a regular event, we 
will investigate forming a local Linux User Group, and 
encourage anyone with an interest in participating in, or 
managing, such a group to attend.

Complementary copies of Linux Journal #2 will be available for 
all attendees. Morse Telecommunications (Linux on CD), and 
Sequoia International (Motif for Linux) have donated copies of 
their software, which will be raffled during the conference.

This is a free meeting open to anyone interested in the Linux 
operating system.
Pre Registration is required, but there is no charge for 
attending the conference. 
FAX:        Name, and contact info to: (203) 454-2582
or call (212) 856-0300

This, the first Linux Development Conference in New York will 
be held on May 11th 1994 at the IBM Building, 590 Madison 
Avenue, New York, NY.  Call to pre-register today, a limited 
amount of space is still available. Meeting space and light 
refreshments are provided courtesy of IBM and the New York 
Technology Center.
Mail submissions for comp.os.linux.announce to:
Be sure to include Keywords: and a short description of your software.

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