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Subject: WWW Announcement at PC Week
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Organization: PC Week Labs
Date: Wed, 4 May 1994 15:32:29 GMT
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<a href="">PC Week Labs</a>, a department
in the Ziff-Davis publication PC Week, is now on the Web. PC Week is
a weekly newspaper aimed at large-volume buyers of software and
hardware. <p>

Our server has been running internally for three or four months, but
we've just moved it to a new machine, so there are likely to be a few
kinks to iron out. Some of the elements that we're working on include
"Best Of" lists (right now we have limited <a
href="">Best Home
Pages</a> and <a
href="">Best News Sources
and On-line Magazines</a> pages), a <a
href="">Crash Course in
HTML</a>, and various <a
href="">home pages</a>
for some analysts in the Lab.<p>

If there are any problems or questions, please send email to Thanks.<p>

Eamonn Sullivan		|
PC Week Labs		|	phone: 617-393-3841	 
url -

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