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From: (Linux Journal)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Subject: Linux Buyer's Guide issue of Linux Journal
Date: 10 Jun 1994 21:19:50 +0300
Approved: (Lars Wirzenius)
Message-ID: <2taas6$aun@klaava.Helsinki.FI>

The October, 1994 issue of Linux Journal will be a Buyer's Guide.
If possible it will be larger that regular issues of LJ (64 or more pages
instead of the regular 48 pages), have wider distribution (we will be
distributing it from our booth at Unix Expo) and help show the world that
Linux is real.

To make that possible we need:
  - products to review
  - additional authors/product reviewers
  - more advertisers

If you are currently using a Linux product that you feel should be
reviewed (whether or not you want to write the review yourself) or you
make a product that you feel should be reviewed for the Buyer's Guide
issue, contact us:
   - E-mail to
   - Call (206) 524-8338
   - Fax (206) 526-0803
   - Mail to:
     Linux Journal
     Buyer's Guide Issue
     P.O. Box 85867
     Seattle, WA 98115 USA

We are not going to be able to evaluate every piece of hardware and
softwre in detail so current experiences of users will play an important
part is making the Buyer's Guide a success.

If you are a vendor interested in advertising in the Buyer's Guide,
contact Joanne Wagner at the above numbers or via e-mail at

Note that subscription questions should be sent to or
call SSC, our publisher, at (206) 527-3385 or FAX them at (206) 527-2806.
All other general questions can be sent to  Also, our
Frequently asked Questions is available on or via our mail
server using the following sequence:
  Send e-mail to:
  In the body of the message, include the following lines to request
  our FAQ and our subscription form:
     get lj/lj.faq
     get lj/sub.form

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Mail submissions for comp.os.linux.announce to:
PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.

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