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Subject: Getting the SCO demo version of Word Perfect working under Linux
Date: 8 Jul 1994 16:44:16 GMT
Approved: (Lars Wirzenius)
Message-ID: <2vjvp0$smp@hydra.Helsinki.FI>

I have just uploaded the file wpfix.tar.gz to This file contains a shell script and
instructions for getting the SCO demo version of Word Perfect working under

I just bought the real version of WP and installed it last night.  I will 
post my experiences with that version, after I have had a chance to write it

Here is the LSM entry:

Title        =wpfix.tar.gz
Version      =1.0
Desc1        =Instructions and a shell script to fix the demo version of
Desc2        =SCO WordPerfect so that it will run under Linux
Desc3        =
Desc4        =
Desc5        =
Author       =Jim Nance
Path1        =/pub/Linux/Incoming
File1        =wpfix.tar.gz
FileSize1    =6K
Site2        =
Path2        =
File2        =
FileSize2    =
Site3        =
Path3        =
File3        =
FileSize3    =
Site4        =
Path4        =
File4        =
FileSize4    =
Required1    =XFree86 ibcs module
Required2    =Demo version of Word Perfect from
Required3    =
Required4    =
CopyPolicy1  =Freely distributable
CopyPolicy2  =
Keywords     =ibcs2 WordPerfect WP Demo
Comment1     =Requires
Comment2     =
Comment3     =
Comment4     =
RelFiles1    =
RelFiles2    =
RelFiles3    =
Entered      =
EnteredBy    =
CheckedEmail =

Jim Nance

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