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From: (Phil Hughes)
Subject: Linux at Unix Expo -- Free Tickets
Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 1994 14:10:07 GMT
Approved: (Matt Welsh)

The Unix Expo show will take place on October 4-6 in New York City.
Linux Journal/SSC will have a booth there (Booth number 1881) so stop by
and see us.  We will be giving out copies of Linux Journal #6 (while
supplies last) and will have back issues, subscriptions and publications
(such as Matt Welsh's _Linux Installation and Getting Started Version
2.1.1) for sale.  (Note that sales of software is not permitted so we will
just be selling our publications.  If you want a CD, T-shirt or whatever
you will have to order it -- either at the booth or directly from SSC.)

If you are interested in attending and don't have free tickets, send
e-mail to and request a Guest Pass.  As an exhibitor we have
some available and can mail them to you. (Make sure you include your
postal address.)

The Guest Pass forms must be returned by September 19.  If you have an
Internet connection, there is an alternative.  You can telnet to  Log in as registration with a password of on-line (the
flyer indicates that the username and password are in upper case but
I don't believe it) and select Unix Expo.
Phil Hughes, Publisher, Linux Journal (206) 527-3385
usually, sometimes

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