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Subject: NYC Linux Meeting at Unix Expo - Tuesday Oct4
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Date: Mon, 3 Oct 1994 13:45:57 GMT
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There will be a New York City (and region) Linux Users Group meeting at Unix
Expo at New York's Jacob Javits Center on Tuesday October 4, at 5.30pm.  It
will be in the conference room area on the lowest level.

Please check at the NYC Linux Users Booth #1888 for the room number (or with
the Linux Journal's booth 1881) during the show, ie before 5pm.

The general theme of the evening will be "ask the guru", and we will be
trying to encourage as much interaction between the attendees as possible. 
There will be a panel of knowledgable Linux users on hand to discuss issues
from how to configure hardware, to the future of the Linux OS for both
recreational (DOOM) and corporate use.  The Panel will include:
Michael K. Johnson, editor of the Linux Journal.
Michael Johnston, President of Morse, Publishers of the Slackware
Professional 2.0 Linux CD Package.
Marc Ewing, Developer of the new Redhat Linux Distribution.
H. J. Lu, Coordinator of the Linux Developers Tools project.

The goal will be to have the "audience" contribute as much as possible.

So come out and meet many of the local and a few national Linuxers.  There
will be even be give aways and we'll invite some suppliers of Linux products
and tools, who will be at the show, such as the Linux Journal crew, to drop by.

You can get a complimentary exhibits pass by registering electronically by 
telnetting to:
and logging in as: unix94
choose your terminal mode (ansi or vt100)
and fill in the form. It did odd things when I registered, but seemed to work.

See you Tuesday.

Cheers,  Bob Young,

ACC Bookstores
"Home of the PC UNIX - Linux Catalog"
1 (800) 546-7274

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