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From: Jim Nance <>
Subject: Wordperfect 6.0 demo for linux
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Keywords: Wordperfect SCO ibcs, word processor
Sender: (Matt Welsh)
Reply-To: Jim Nance <>
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Date: Thu, 10 Nov 1994 19:53:46 GMT
Approved: (Matt Welsh)
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[Note: A complete version of WordPerfect for Linux is also
available on CD-ROM. See the next posting for details. --mdw]

I just found the following notice on, and I thought it
would be of interest to the linux community:

Welcome to the WordPerfect 6.0 for Linux demo directory.

Linux users may demo WPUNIX 6.0 by downloading the following statically
linked SCO binary:

This binary is statically linked and has been reported to operate well
by Linux users.  However, it should be noted that the Linux iBCS module
must be installed prior to installation and operation of WPUNIX 6.0 on Linux.  

***WordPerfect does not make any claim of compatibility with Linux iBCS.***

For WP product or pricing information in North America call 800 321 3280.

I would like to make some remarks which people may find helpful:

1) The file is a 35 Meg uncompressed tar file.  It does no good to compress
   it because it already contains compressed data and does not shrink much.

2) If you select the minimial install option, the demo takes up ~25 Megs of
   disk space after it is installed.

3) There is a small bug in the install scripts 'xwpinstall' and
   'install/xwpinstall'  which causes the characters \c to be printed down the
   side of the screen during the initial phase of the installation process.
   This is not a fatal bug and is probably not worth fixing.  If you want to
   fix it, change all occurances of the character string -nZ to -n Z in both
   of these files.

4) When you first start up the install script it uncompresses some files.
   This can take quite a few seconds, and nothing is printed to the screen
   while this is happening.  Just be patient, you system is not hung.

5) You of course need the ibcs module to run SCO applications like this.  You
   can get it from  You will also need
   the insmod utility.  You probably have this in /sbin if you have a recent
   distribution of linux, but if you do not, get the file modules.tar.gz

Jim Nance
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